"Ford to launch new Sync infotainment system to address complaints"

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Interior Upgrades' started by reddog99, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. reddog99

    reddog99 Active Member

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  3. TapTapPull

    TapTapPull Active Member

    Through my current employment I'm able to drive a lot of rental vehicles, and I still feel that the Sync system performs very well compared to industry counterparts. I prefer it over Chevy's (GM), Chrysler's, Mazda's, Toyota's and Buick's (GM) systems.

    EDIT: Let me add that this is with both Apple and Android phones (I carry one of each for work/personal use)

    This is starting to sound like I'm a drug dealer. I am not.
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  4. Firesail

    Firesail Active Member

    I'm not sure if it's just the new software update I installed earlier this week or my new Samsung GS5, but my system has been working a lot smoother lately. I haven't used other systems, except the Sync in my '11 SES, but I am really am enjoying this system now.:)
  5. johnnyquest

    johnnyquest Member

    I agree completely. I think that most of the complaints about MyFord Touch are the result of most people using iPhones, arguably the easiest piece of tech to use. If you take the time to learn the voice commands and how the system works, it's quite good IMO.

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  6. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    For 90% of what I use MFT for, it works good enough. Phone calls and playing Sirius or BTA is all that I need it for, which is all I used Sync for as well. Out of the 10,000 plus voice commands, I bet I only use a few of them. I would rather have built-in datalogging and performance displayed data (think of the Accessport) on the screen instead of phone/radio/compass/date. The Sync 3 announcement falls way behind the news of the GT350R, Ford GT, and of course, the Focus RS.
  7. WScottCross

    WScottCross Well-Known Member

    I'm not unhappy with the current system, but it could certainly be improved. Maybe my RS will come with the new systems when I decide to trade up. :)
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  8. FordIVTteam

    FordIVTteam Official Ford Representative

  9. Kilowhisky

    Kilowhisky New Member

    Sync works well enough as it is right now but with this announcement what is the likelihood of ongoing support for a "dead" system? Say iOS 9 changes the app requirements for bt or a new version of android doesn't quite play well, is everyone high and dry?

    The practice of obsoletism is at best an annoyance and apple and the like only get away with it only because their products are relatively cheap. It's going to be an impossible bullet to bite on a $20k+ vehicle. Ongoing support is crucial or else the used market for these cars is going to be non-existent and no one is going to want to buy a new vehicle because of a feature that has no guarantee that it will even work in 5 years time.

    Make a support path, or open source the software. That is the only two ways people will be ok with not getting the latest and greatest.
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  10. captainmorbid

    captainmorbid Active Member

    I'd guess that Ford or Microsoft won't have a choice but to support MFT/SYNC for 10 years after discontinuing it's use, either through licensing it through a third party or by direct support. I'm not sure about whether there would be grounds for class action if they decide to orphan the millions of customers that have the system installed in their Fords, but tossing aside their reputation for quality is definitely not something that would look good for them.
  11. FordIVTteam

    FordIVTteam Official Ford Representative

    Don't worry, Kilowhisky! Ford will continue to provide software updates as needed to optimize performance with ever-changing consumer devices. We don't want to leave anyone behind. :)

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  12. Ca5p3r

    Ca5p3r Member

    This is probably somewhat old news now, but I did a vehicle health report yesterday and found that there is an update to sync.


    Well... at least for my non-navigation FiST the file is named as above in a zip folder. I assume the nav equipped FiSTs are the same version? Would someone with nav care to enlighten me?
  13. Valeen

    Valeen New Member

    Any insider info on when Sync 3 will be released?
  14. FordIVTteam

    FordIVTteam Official Ford Representative

    Hey Valeen,

    SYNC 3 is set to be introduced this year, but specific details haven't been announced yet. More information will be released when the 2016 product information becomes available. Stay tuned! :)

  15. CREED

    CREED New Member

    Is it going to be available on Fiestas in the UK though? Currently only the brand new Focus has the touch screen Sync 2 system in Europe as far I can tell. Seems really weird how different the entertainment system is on the american spec cars when I compare it to mine.
  16. moff3tt

    moff3tt Active Member

    The MFT system in my Fiesta more or less works flawlessly. I haven't had any issues outside of things I feel could be easier for how barebones it feels. It also has horrifically bad input lag
  17. Toast

    Toast New Member

    I'd be okay with the current SYNC system if it didn't crash every time I get a text message and need to reboot.
  18. MOFiST

    MOFiST Member

    Flawlessly bad input lag lol. I've had my share of lag as well.
    Mostly happy with it but sometimes it is like the micro processor has a hissy fit and just locks up. I also have Bluetooth connectivity issues randomly. 50-50 chance it will connect to my phone lol. (Maybe it's the phone dunno)
    My iPhone nano audio steam will also glitch when I surf playlists. Again that could be the iPod?
    In the main I'm OK with it I just wish we had the ability to choose another option.
    I've seen the local Holden Commodore (GM) product called mylink and it blows this system away.
  19. Ca5p3r

    Ca5p3r Member

    For me, the input lag is tolerable.

    The only issues that I've had with the Bluetooth is .... well odd. I would be my phone. Sync would say that it can't connect to my phone, but I am able to play music from my phone through the Bluetooth. usually, resetting my Bluetooth on my phone fixes it.

    Other than that... if you press/hold the ESC off button as the system starts up, it will sometimes not register the button and may not even go through the "5 seconds" to turn it off. I have seen that "5 seconds" take as long as 10 seconds. I wish there was a way to change the default to off. Oh, to fix this issue, turning the car off (open door) and then on takes care of it.

    if it matters to anyone, I have a windows phone. Nokia Lumia 1020
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  20. moff3tt

    moff3tt Active Member

    I haven't had any trouble with my system using Android. 4.x.x, Samsung Touch-Wiz or AOSP 4.4.4, all work great with texts and calls. My friend's iPhones seem to behave as well so I'm not sure what the issue is. Maybe I have a lucky one.

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