Free Auto Blip for Phoenix-area Fiesta ST owner

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Road Racing' started by meFiSTo, Jun 20, 2015.

  1. meFiSTo

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    In order to get the setup working right, the Auto Blip guys at Tractive need a local Fiesta ST to use for an installation platform. They then can fully document the installation/setup for the Fiesta ST and offer it to the rest of us. The entire product ($395) and install would be free for the owner of the test bed car.

    I tried to get the install done via remote with my mechanic and it was taking too long. Auto Blip asked me to relay this request to our community.

    So, If there is someone in the Phoenix area interested in the Auto-Blipper, please reach out to Andres.

    Here's the note he sent me:

    Their website is down getting refreshed, but contact Andres directly if interested. I would do this for sure if I was down there. Once it's sorted out, I'll be purchasing it (with the detailed installation/setup that your car has helped develop).

    This is a great offer for the lucky taker. Free, right? How can it get better than that.

    My good track day buddy has this in his BRZ and loves it. I really want it for my car.

    Thanks in advance!!!
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  3. Phil_R

    Phil_R New Member

    I'd love to do this too, but I'm in Ontario, Canada..

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