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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by Damon, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. Damon

    Damon New Member

    Hey everybody, My name is Damon Cuccia, I am born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. I ordered my Oxford White, no options 2014 Fiesta ST back in April of this year with the main purpose of hoping to get it in time for the 2013 SCCA RallyCross National Championship event in Tulsa, Oklahoma the first weekend in October. Well with some going back and fourth, the car was delivered to Veterans Ford in Metiarie, La. as of yesterday. As you see the car is how it will run at the RallyCross Nationals in two weeks time. It will have its first shakedown RallyCross this saturday at the Delta Region RallyCross at NOLA Motorsports Park.

    This is a very big thing coming up that I have managed to draw as much attention to as possible. Hell I have been very candid and secretive to the national RallyCross community since April because I want this to be a bomb shell that know one expects. Ford Racing is also aware of this effort as well and I have support from them through contingency programs as well as Delta Region SCCA, Baby Seals Club Racing in Florida and GVG After Hours Customs in Metiarie

    I will try to keep everyone up to date as much as possible. Kinda hard to update through a phone. Please follow on facebook and twitter for updates. Also if anybody in the Tulsa area wants to be part of the team and help out with the forums or just moral support in general. Contact me and I will be very grateful of you. Look forward to sharing my adventure with all of you!

    Event info -
    Facebook -
    Twitter -

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  3. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Welcome Damon! I can't wait to see the ST playing in the dirt. I don't know if I will be able to fit in a rallycross with the Fiesta Movement ST, so I will have to live it by watching you. I do think your ST needs some big red mud flaps ;)

    Fiesta Winter 2011 014
    by Bryan Redeker BRGT350, on Flickr
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  4. Damon

    Damon New Member

  5. Smokin

    Smokin Active Member

    Best of luck man!! The rallycross community in KC is growing and we'll give you some moral support. Several KC guys will be there. Unfortunately I will not...I will be watching though!

    Xorpheus, the professionals at Patterson Prints ( can do this for my ST when I get it, right!?
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  6. aborbs87

    aborbs87 Active Member

    Very cool! Looking forward to updates
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  7. Damon

    Damon New Member

    This past saturday competed in my local rallycross event, note the car only has 450 miles on it. The car worked extremely well on the dirt, would have been nice to have more grip but even with the lack of it I still managed to be the fastest 2wd vehicle in the event. Was leading Stock FWD by a little over 10 second going into the afternoon heat until I started to screw up. First run in the afternoon I forgot to turn the ESC off, while in the process of that I managed to miss two gates, and then missed another gate on a later run when I handbrake slip the car into a hairpin and didn't have the wheel turned enough to make the turn and went straight.

    After running this event this puts my mind at ease that the car is quite quick and has a legitimate shot at a winning Nationals next week. The only thing that can prevent that is my driving talent. Hopefully all the mistakes made this weekend will not carry over to Nationals.




    More event Pictures :
  8. doudou

    doudou Member

    congrats and beautiful shot here.
  9. Noah

    Noah Member

    Great to see this, the pictures are awesome, I just have one question. With only 450 miles aren't you worried about the engine not being properly broken in? Best of luck, excited to see progress.
  10. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I 100% love seeing the ST in action! Did you add any protective film to the skirts, doors, and bumpers?
  11. Damon

    Damon New Member

    Noah, IMO there is no proper way to breaking in the engine on a car, everybody has a different way of doing things now a days. The car also came with 44 miles on the odometer so I am assuming ford took liberty of doing the break in for me.

    BRGT, not really, with work being as busy as it is I will not have time to get the 3M Defender treatment done. Good thing about white though, scratches don't show as easily and its easily fixable with my mom's nail polish! ;)
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  12. COBB

    COBB Active Member

    Awesome pictures! I have a new desktop background :)

  13. moshaholic2

    moshaholic2 Active Member

    Awesome shot and job!!!!! And good luck at Nationals.

    But please get some mud flaps to protect that beautiful thing!!! You're gonna make baby jesus cry :(
  14. FSWerksVP

    FSWerksVP Active Member

    None of our project cars and race cars have the luxury of being "broken in." Doesn't really matter from what we've seen here over the decades.
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  15. Smokin

    Smokin Active Member

    Yeah, i don't think there is much "breaking in" any more (like in the last 10 years). just drive it like you're gonna drive it and maintain it properly...
  16. Damon

    Damon New Member

    So today was pretty chaotic! Got there in the morning and beside running my car I am also chief of grid. Managed to get that set up and got registered and was able to get a couple practice runs in the car and Gregg managed to get a few runs as well. He was improving a second every run so we both have a good chance at placing me thinks. Big bummer today is my SF buddy rolled his Mazda 2 during the Test n Tune, he is alright, car not so much! After that happened not much went on after that, but seeing some of the SF people run and comparing my runs. I am on pace with the fast guys, should be interesting to watch come end of day tomorrow.

  17. Damon

    Damon New Member

    So more pictures from the Test n tune course!



  18. speedprotege

    speedprotege Member

    Which rims are those?
  19. wash

    wash Active Member

    Those look like the FRPP wheels.

    Have you weighed them?

    The FRPP wheels are 17*7" et 48 I think, very close to stock ST size and the price isn't bad but that doesn't matter if they are heavy.
  20. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    Either Ford Racing or SVT

    • 2011-2014 Fiesta sedan and hatchback
    • 2000-2011 Focus
    • 17" x 7" wide
    • 4 lug, 108mm bolt circle
    • 49 mm offset
    • 6" backspacing
    • Dark Stainless Paint Finish
    • Clear coated to OEM standards
    • Includes Ford Racing center cap
    • Valve Stem TPMS Compatible
    Package Dimensions:
    10.5 x 19.25 x 19.25
    Package Weight:
    24.3 lbs
    Part Type:
    Chassis: Wheels
    Instruction Sheet:
    Not Available
    Warranty Availability:
    Not Available
    Country of Origin:
    UPC Code:
    Catalog Page Number:

    Based on that they should be close to Factory weight wheels strong but no lighter
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  21. speedprotege

    speedprotege Member

    Can I use this style rim from the focus?

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