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    We considered that before we did any sound testing and that may still happen. However once we tested the sound levels of our sport exhaust system we were amazed how quiet it truly was. It's a very mellow deep tone and we would imagine adding a stealth version will make it as quiet as stock. For people who want more noise an aftermarket downpipe with or without a catalytic will dramatically change the tone.

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  3. mrtn

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    What muffler do you use on this system? Magnafow?

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    We have our own mufflers custom made for us. We only use Magnaflow for some items or when the production size is too small for us to make a custom batch of our own mufflers.

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  6. Monochrome

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    Great video! I like how you took the effort to show all the different shots with both exhausts.
  7. dmondi12

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    that backfire though!!!! this has moved its way to the top of my next purchase list.
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  8. Smokin

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    Cool beans! save one for me....it's in the March budget!
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  9. aborbs87

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    Anyone have this installed yet?
  10. stuntdoogie

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    Are you guys coming out with a race version catback?

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