Hail resistant car covers?

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by Kommunism4Kids, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. Kommunism4Kids

    Kommunism4Kids New Member

    Hi everybody! I just put a down payment on a FiST, and will be getting this week (I'll post an intro when I get it). This will honestly be my first new car, and the first one that I REALLY want to take car of.

    Problem is, I don't have covered parking and I live in Texas. Hail is inevitable, so I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a hail resistant car cover. Also, any good alert systems/apps for hail warnings?

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  3. koozy

    koozy Active Member

    Car covers aren't that thick and if the hail coming down is the size of a billiard ball, a cover may not do much. I'd probably lay a nice layer of dense foam or blanket that can offer some level of protection from hail impacts, then put a decent all-weather cover over it all.
  4. Kommunism4Kids

    Kommunism4Kids New Member

    That's a good idea! I'm in central TX and the hail luckily stays pretty small here, so I could probably grab an old comforter and use that when I know its gonna get rough.
  5. BlueBomber

    BlueBomber Active Member

    When I lived in Iowa I stuffed crappy old blankets between the cover and the car.
  6. MasterPooBaa

    MasterPooBaa Member

    Get a large sheet of something that hail cannot penetrate (thick plastic) then glue a few sheets of bubble wrap underneath :)
  7. Sekred

    Sekred Active Member

    At one stage I had what was called a "hail blanket", I think it had foam balls inside it and was about 3inch thick. When it was rolled and fitted inside its carry bag it would take up the whole rear cargo are of a fiesta. It was very large and not really practical to carry with you in the vehicle. Quite heavy too.
  8. SpaceFish

    SpaceFish Member

  9. reddog99

    reddog99 Active Member

    Looks like that car would take up two parking spaces when the cover is inflated!
  10. ryst

    ryst Active Member

    Almost better to just get a cheap car port. I think they can be had new for around $800, or you could go craigslistin'
  11. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    The details of how I aquired these things is cloaked in secrecy, but I was once caught in a hailstorm while traveling. I "borrowed" an egg crate matress, blankets, and put my car cover over the top of all of that until the storm had passed. The hail was smaller than a golf ball, but still hurt like crazy when it hit me while I was covering the car.
  12. SpaceFish

    SpaceFish Member

    As long as the hail comes straight down that will work - I had a new car that was 4 hours off the dealer lot back in 2012 and it was in the carport when a 20 minute hailstorm came in and it was coming in at enough of an angle that there was over 2 grand of damage. I keep thinking of enclosing it into a garage but we're talking of moving. In the mean time I keep a bunch of packing blankets and acoustic foam handy for the next time that crap shows up.
  13. silvertoy

    silvertoy Member

    We just had a nice hail storm here in pa and My California Car Cover using the Noah material with a layer of bubble wrap underneath did the trick. Buddy of mine with a Fiesta St in the same storm had 4500 in damage.

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