Has anyone bought the Mill-Tek Sport Exhaust?

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Engine Upgrades' started by aar0n, Nov 21, 2014.

  1. aar0n

    aar0n Member

    I bought a Mill-Tek Sport Exhaust months ago and I could not be happier. The sound is amazing and it is everything I wanted in the exhaust.

    The only problem I have is that when braking sometimes or when going over bumps I get a loud "thump" from where the section of the exhaust that bends up toward the car hits the bottom of my car.

    I just wanted to see if anyone else had this issue or maybe the piece I got for that section was sticking up too high or something. I have inspected it recently after months of this happening and it doesnt seem to be wearing either component(bottom of the body or the exhaust) but I just think the thump is annoying and shouldnt be there.
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  3. 14st

    14st Member

    Should definitely check alignment of the pieces that go over the axle. Cobb Now makes exhaust hangers that are supposed to be stiffer. Got to cut the old ones off though.
  4. timboslice

    timboslice Active Member

    +2 for the Cobb hangers. They're expensive but they seem to be worth it.

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  5. aar0n

    aar0n Member

    I am going to inspect it tomorrow or friday and see what is going on. According to Mill-Tek it should be fine with the stock hangers and there should be no fitment issues(even though the bend that goes over the axle seems to be way too acute?) even with a lowered ride height. I am on stock suspension and they want me to send pics in case it is a bad part.

    Either way I will post my solution when I figure it out.
    Thanks for the suggestion.

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