Help, are coilovers for me?

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chassis Upgrades' started by JP6, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. JP6

    JP6 Member

    So I'm pretty much clueless when it comes to suspension so I figured I would get some help before I go and drop $1k on BCs. This car will be daily driven year round in sun shine, rain, and snow. I will also be driving the car from Utah to California a couple times a year. I'm not worried about ride height, I will only be dropping it a half inch or so. I'm more concerned with the coilovers handling daily abuse, winter conditions and road trips. The car will get it's fair share of track time and canyon runs, but it is foremost my daily toy. I want to get rid of some of that wheel gap as well as the bounce unless and body roll, but not at the sacrifice of something I can rely on. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. D1JL

    D1JL Well-Known Member

    Although coilovers will work just fine on the street, they are usually set primarily for the track.
    The ad vantage of coilovers is that the ride heights can be adjusted and individual corner weights can be set.
    The disadvantage is that the ride comfort is sacrificed.
    This is usually because the shocks are stiffer and the spring rates are higher.
    If the shocks are adjustable, that is a plus and the springs can be interchanged to provide you with a wider range of setups.
    This of course requires changes to be made prior to different events.

    Lowering springs on the other hand are in many cases very close to OE spring rates with just a lower ride height.
    Depending on the set you choose, you can get the height you want and still maintain a comfortable ride.
    You could also choose a more sporty spring rate and set your car up for more spirited driving and the occasional track date.
    This can all be done for about 1/4 the cost of coilovers.

    There is NO real good answer to your question.
    It all depends on what you want to do with the car.

  4. JP6

    JP6 Member

    With BC coilovers, I've heard ride quality is actually improved over stock. My biggest point in my question was whether they are a smart decision given the daily/winter abuse and the road trips I take the car on.
  5. D1JL

    D1JL Well-Known Member

    As I stated above.
    "If the shocks are adjustable, that is a plus and the springs can be interchanged to provide you with a wider range of setups."
    With adjustable shocks and different spring rates, coilovers can be setup to ride better than stock, primarily because of their higher capability of adjustments.

    As to daily/winter abuse.
    There is no reason that coilovers could not withstand any conditions.
    This would only depend on the quality of the product.
    From what I have heard, BCs are a very good unit, however I have never used them myself.
    Although this is a new product for this car.
    There is no reason to believe that quality is any less than what BC has produced before.

    Unfortunately only time will tell.

  6. JP6

    JP6 Member

    Ya definitely. Has anyone used those coilover covers I've seen used?
  7. spangenb

    spangenb Active Member

    I put the BCs from 2J Racing on my car once the snow was done. My car is the same use case as yours: daily driven 4 seasons with some longer trips and some track time. These coilovers are an excellent upgrade in my opinion. They are higher spring rates than stock, but ride SO much better. All the bouncy ride is gone and there is less body roll. I would call the resulting ride "perfect". I drive with all 4 corners set on 6 out of 30 and it's just right for daily use on choppy roads. I have not had the car on track yet, but Joe at 2J says he runs them at 25 on the track so there is plenty of adjustment.

    I am concerned about corrosion resistance too and another guy on here found info from the BC website that gives me confidence in their ability to withstand salty winters. Time will tell, but I feel good about my choice.

    Joe says he has also used similar BC units on his Nissan track cars for many seasons with no issues.

    If you aren't concerned about any racing class implications, I think these coilovers are a must have for the FiST. Best upgrade I have made.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2014
  8. JP6

    JP6 Member

    Ya I just want a mild drop with an increase in daily/spirited driving performance. Springs on stock struts just seem like they will decrease the ride quality and performance.
  9. captainmorbid

    captainmorbid Active Member

    If corrosion is a concern, check out KW and their INOX line of coil overs. I've had Variant 1 INOX on my 11 SES over the winter in Edmonton Alberta, and they held up and performed excellently.

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