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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Meet and Greet' started by Mr. Fusion, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. Mr. Fusion

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    What's up y'all? I'm the owner of a rare manual equipped '14 Fusion... I haven't done a lot of mods to it yet, but hopefully I'll be able to remedy this problem by bumming ideas off of you FiST owners and making things work. lol I'm also an active member of 2gfusions, pretty much carrying the water for the .1% of us that prefer shifting for ourselves (my username's Mjolnir over there if you want to look me up). So far the only mods I've done are the BOV adapter, shifter plate and cable bracket bushings that Boomba Racing put out for the FiST... I've got a lot more planned, but money is what's holding me up at the moment (that and the amount of Fusion stuff available [particularly for the 1.6t] is slim to none compared to other cars). I look forward to getting to know this part of the Ford world with you guys!
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  3. sourskittle

    sourskittle Member

    I think cobb released an access port for you guys. If not, get a "turbo transformer".

    Cyborg turbo, TBE, panda TR6 intercooler, drop in green filter.
    245whp 293Tq V-dyno

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