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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Meet and Greet' started by Tex ST-AR, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. Tex ST-AR

    Tex ST-AR New Member

    Hey everyone I've been trolling the forum for several months but I finally pulled the trigger today and ordered a Fiesta ST. Oxford White with Rado Gray wheels no other options. I'm super excited about the car. I'm coming from a 2009 MazdaSpeed 3, fully stock, I liked the Speed but I bought it used and it was beginning to develop some reliability issues so I decided to sell it. Anyways I just wanted to say hello and I will post photos when it arrives (hopefully within 3 months).
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  3. Firesail

    Firesail Active Member

    Hello and welcome.:)
  4. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

  5. McRib 1s Back

    McRib 1s Back Well-Known Member

    Welcome! Lots of former MS3 guys here! :)
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  6. pelotonracer2

    pelotonracer2 Active Member

    Me included. :mischievous:
  7. Smokin

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