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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by Fiesta Remixer, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Fiesta Remixer

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    As the subject line states, I'm a Ford representative for the Fiesta Movement. My name is Van (pronounced "Von"). Some of you might have seen me perusing on FiestaFaction.com.

    I'm going to be up front and state that I am not very knowledgable in the mechanics of the car. I've only experienced the car by riding shot gun with some amazing ST drivers like Bryan and Brandon Redeker and Mark Kleis. It has changed my perception of the Fiesta from a small compact car to a "hot hatch."

    I will be posting mission videos (from the past) and the newer ones as they come in. Something for you to check out on your lunch break or while you're sipping on some coffee. I will also be answering any questions about the car to the best of my knowledge. I will find you the answer, if I can't help. :)

    Thanks for reading this and here's a few videos for your viewing pleasure.


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  3. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Welcome to Fiestast.net!
  4. Fiesta Remixer

    Fiesta Remixer New Member

    Thanks Bryan! What you have brewing for y'alls next mission? :)
  5. WRC Fan

    WRC Fan Administrator Staff Member

    Hi V! :cool:
  6. FSWerksVP

    FSWerksVP Active Member

    Welcome! :cool:
  7. eRic

    eRic Active Member

  8. Fiesta Remixer

    Fiesta Remixer New Member

    Sorry for the delay guys! Thanks for the warm welcome! Eric I will do my best. I have to get ready for my trip to LA for Social Media Week. It's been insane at work. What time will you be there? I might stop by and introduce myself. :)
  9. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    You can also head over to the side of the state with the nice beaches on Saturday and get tossed around in the ST at another autocross. :) Probably the last autocross of the year for me and the ST. :(
  10. Fiesta Remixer

    Fiesta Remixer New Member

    LOL. Saturday I have a wedding reception to attend and then packing for my week long trip. And I've seen you drive. I'm good. :p Oh wait, that was Todd that had me bang my helmet head against the door frame.
  11. Smokin

    Smokin Active Member

    Send results!
  12. Van what do you think about the myford touch?

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  13. Fiesta Remixer

    Fiesta Remixer New Member

    I think MFT has evolved tremendously through the years. There are a few suggestions to improve and we have taken it into account with the IVT team. Overall, its a good feature to have for individuals who needs to stay connected like myself. I know that my current vehicle is equipped with a "Tech package" but it's not like a MFT. After being in several Ford vehicles, I would have to say MFT is pretty snazzy. :)
  14. CarefreeAZ

    CarefreeAZ Active Member

    As a recent convert to MFT, I really like it (no Nav). Easy to set up, easy to use, simple voice commands (especially on the entertainment side). Perhaps the 2014 ST version is improved over earlier versions but it is a nice package overall for me.
  15. EvoNiner

    EvoNiner Active Member

    Welcome welcome!!! It's great seeing more FiST movementers!!

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  16. Fiesta Remixer

    Fiesta Remixer New Member

    I have to admit, the ST is no comparison to the regular Fiesta. Don't get me wrong, I think the SE Fiesta is pretty snazzy for it's price range and the quality you get is bar none (did I even spell that right?), but the ST is so much cooler. And that's coming from an individual that knows little about torque and HP and all that gear head stuff. So the added bonus of having a kick butt MFT system makes the experience even better.
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  17. Mike

    Mike Member

    I disagree. I've had a Ford Escape with the MFT for the past 10 months and it is far from kicking butt. The voice recognition feature is terrible, the touch screen is frustrating and your eyesight spends too much time away from the road to be able to operate it as Ford intended. That is why Ford has acknowledged their disappointment with the MFT and publically announced to add back more buttons and switches for their post 2014 models.
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  18. Fiesta Remixer

    Fiesta Remixer New Member

    And I can see where you are coming from. We have had a few updates since you purchased your Escape. Spending time with the IVT folks, I see the frustrations you've encountered. I personally haven't experienced issues with it yet. But know that with each roll out, Ford takes the feedback given and tries to improve the product.
  19. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I have not used the latest update of MFT, but my brother had the update done last week. He says it has made a huge difference in the way it functions. I would bet most production cars have the latest version. We have the older MFT in our Escape and have found that swearing at it makes it work better. :p My wife can't wait to get it updated in the Escape. I also talked to a Focus ST owner had it updated and is really happy with it.
  20. Fiesta Remixer

    Fiesta Remixer New Member

  21. Fiesta Remixer

    Fiesta Remixer New Member

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