Hi! I'm representing the 2013 Fiesta Movement...

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by Fiesta Remixer, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. eRic

    eRic Active Member

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  3. Fiesta Remixer

    Fiesta Remixer New Member

    Aww, sorry Eric. I'm not going to be in town. :( Take some pics/vids and tweet it at me: @socialesavvy.

    Hope the weather will be awesome for you guys and have a blast!
  4. FordIVTteam

    FordIVTteam Official Ford Representative

    Hello to both of you,

    I just started monitoring this forum today, so I apologize for responding so late. I'll try not to let it happen again.;)

    Have either of you had the chance to update your MyFord Touch systems? If not, you can check for updates at: www.Support.Ford.com Version 3.6.2 was released in August and made some improvements to voice recognition, phone pairing and compatibility. If you haven't already done so, I encourage you to update. If you've already updated and still need help, don't hesitate to reach out.:)

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  5. Noah

    Noah Member

    MFT is currently completely bricked thanks to a "sirius update"
  6. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Disconnect the battery. I had the same thing this weekend when I needed the system to work for phone and navigation at the Lake Superior Performance Rally. Took the car to the dealer and they said the guy who fixes MFT is on vacation and I need to come back next week. I was only in town for the weekend to film the rally. The dealer said I would need to fix it myself and refused to even look at the issue. Since I was doing service for the rally and had a trunk full of tools, I fixed it in a Taco Bell parking lot before the rally started. Horrible dealer service.
  7. Fiesta Remixer

    Fiesta Remixer New Member

    Oh sorry to hear that. I'm glad you got it fixed, but not the proper way of doing so. At least you had a good time and came back in one piece. :)
  8. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Brandon and I were shocked at the dealer being completely unwilling to help or even look at the issue. We did have a great time and the ST did an amazing job getting to the spectator stages and being a mobile tool box in between service stages. She is a little dirty, but will be all cleaned and detailed within a few days. It sure got a lot of attention at the rally. Plenty of people came up to us asking about the car. Out of everything we have done with the ST since June, this event generated more comments and interest than anything else we have done so far. Getting the car in front of the rally fans and being at the podium when the Fiesta took the 2WD National Championship was worth the dirt.
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  9. FordIVTteam

    FordIVTteam Official Ford Representative

    Hi Noah,

    I’ve been seeing feedback that the Sirius update has been freezing at 0% for some users. Is this what you’re experiencing? I recommend performing a master reset if the screen will allow it: http://support.ford.com/sync-technology/perform-master-reset-sync-myford-touch If this doesn’t resolve the concern, I suggest taking it to your dealership for a hard reset. Keep me in the loop either way. I’d like to know more about this.
    Hey BRGT350,

    That’s not what I like to hear. Please send me a PM with your name, VIN, dealership, best phone number, and any additional details about the dealership visit. I’d like to document your negative experience.

    I'm glad you still had a good time at the rally. Kudos to you for getting it fixed on your own. That’s great! :thumbsup:

  10. Noah

    Noah Member

    Remember when I had the whole immobilizer malfunction? Besides the fact the dealer and Ford Service were of 0 help, we tried resetting the battery, and when we brought it in later they said that by doing that we "probably messed it up more" (BS i know) and because we did that it meant they couldn't properly look at it and might even have to void the warranty. At that point I was like fuck you guys, I've owned this for 3 days, if you can't fix it i'll buy it return it under the lemon law and buy it from someone else. It all worked out in the end.
  11. Fiesta Remixer

    Fiesta Remixer New Member

    Well hate to follow the note Noah left above, but wanted to let you guys know as of today, I will no longer be part of Fiesta Movement: Social Remix.

    Thank you to all who took the time to read my posts regarding the campaign. Please continue to check out Bryan and Brandon's videos as they get produced and posted online.

    In the interim, any questions about the Fiesta you can reach out to my counterpart, Kim.

    Keep on "Fiesta-ing"

    Socially yours,
  12. FordIVTteam

    FordIVTteam Official Ford Representative

    We'll miss you around here, Van.

    Like she said, I'll still be here to assist with questions related to SYNC and MyFord Touch. :)

  13. Cligedy

    Cligedy Active Member

    I'll bite. Is there any way to customize the order of the audio source options? I use bluetooth audio about every third time I drive the car, and have to scroll down a screen to get to it. I use AM radio about once a year, so it is just in the way at the top of the screen. Can I re-arrange the choices to fit my day-to-day use better?
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  14. FordIVTteam

    FordIVTteam Official Ford Representative

    Hi Cligedy,

    There is no way to select the order in which these options will appear. You may find it easier to press the VOICE COMMAND button on your steering wheel and give the voice command command USB. This is the quickest way to switch sources in my opinion.

  15. Cligedy

    Cligedy Active Member

    Voice commands would be quicker if the system regularly understood me. :-(

    Could this feature be added in a future update? It would even be a big help if I could scroll with steering wheel buttons, even.
  16. FordIVTteam

    FordIVTteam Official Ford Representative

    I don't have information on what will be included in future updates, Cligedy. Do you have V3.6.2 installed already? Some voice recognition enhancements were added in this update. It may help with your concern.

  17. Cligedy

    Cligedy Active Member

    How would I look up my sw version?
  18. FordIVTteam

    FordIVTteam Official Ford Representative

    Check online by logging in at: www.Support.Ford.com and it will notify you if an update is available.

    You can also verify from the car by clicking the SETTINGS quadrant > SETTINGS > HELP > SYSTEM INFORMATION. Look at the last 5 digits of the CCPU number. If it says 13171, you have the latest software.


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