High oil consumption in new ST

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by AgentC, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. AgentC

    AgentC New Member

    I have talked to the rep from Ford again and he has said the dealer will provide paperwork of what exactly they have done so far.

    Apart from that, I don't seem to be getting anywhere at the minute.

    To get the mileage up on the current oil test I decided to give the car a 150 mile run on quiet roads at night (odo reading = 2500 miles) and have noticed something a bit odd I think.

    I filled the car up and reset the trip/mpg and drove at 70mph with no traffic and the OBC at the end read 37.8 mpg (31.5mpg US) which I think is poor, yet over the previous ~1000 miles, 90% of which was commute/urban, the OBC had read 35.9 (29.9mpg US).

    Two things stick out to me here...One, the latter figure is pretty damn good for this car but the former figure looks poor in comparison. And two, I did a similar (200 mile) run when the car had 700 miles on the clock and not only was the car fully loaded with people, I drove much more enthusiastically.

    The car did a genuine 37mpg (30.8mpg US) after working it out properly and the OBC read 39.x.(~32.5mpg US)

    I used to work at a prestige/luxury dealer 4 years ago and though the retail labour rate was £110/hr the warranty rate was only £30/hr. I don't know how Ford work, but I doubt they are much different?

    Shouldn't make any difference though. You wouldn't believe how many engines/gearbox were approved for replacement without so much has a raised eyebrow. But this is on cars of £40-£100+k......
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  3. wash

    wash Active Member

    I just got back from a road trip where I tried to do all of the freeway miles using cruise control between 75-80 mph. I got just a hair under 30 mpg (US) which I blame on my slightly high speed and oxygenated winter mix gas. My car computer has never read more than 25.2 mpg which I blame on a not very well calibrated computer, lots of city driving and a lead foot.
  4. AgentC

    AgentC New Member

    Been to the dealer again today and am, to put it mildly, highly frustrated.

    I was told by Ford customer services that I would be given paperwork from the dealer that detailed work done so far, but nobody mentioned anything about it or gave me any paperwork.

    So the car was taken into the workshop and am called in by who I thought was the workshop controller/chief mechanic. He tells me the oil is full.

    I go to the car and ask him to dip it again and sure enough oil isn't showing on three threads this time but is showing way above max. I will say again, the dipstick on this car is horribly inconsistent.

    I talk him through what I've been told and what the car has had done (cam sensor change, "crankshaft adjustment") and some of his answers got me thinking..... is this guy a mechanic? I later get told by another employee he isn't a mechanic.

    Then another mechanic (in overalls) comes along wondering what we're discussing and I tell him the oil was found to be 2.5 litres down @2000 miles and then had another 0.5 litre top up under 400 miles later. His face was a picture!

    All I want them to do is some basic checks, but it seems to me they are going out of their way not to touch the car beyond the dipstick.....

    IMO 3 litres of oil consumption in 2400 miles has to investigated further immediately, whatever the cause. I have now told Ford customer services I want to go to another dealer.

    Sorry for the long rant.
  5. RKTFiST

    RKTFiST New Member

    I concur with wash; a compression and leak down test would give you a conclusive answer. If it's burning that much oil and the comp + leak down test numbers are within spec, the oil is likely leaking from the turbo.
  6. AgentC

    AgentC New Member

    I tried asking this technician(I have been reliably informed by a family member that used to work at this dealer he is/was a Ford master tech) for basic tests like compression test, PCV hoses/system, turbo ect but he looked at me as if I was mad!

    Even "assured" me the car has a oil light. I said oil pressure light, yes. Not oil level light....at least that isn't what it is meant for.

    On another note, someone suggested checking the oil level when cold (I know most modern cars are calibrated for a warm engine) and for three consecutive dips it registered minimum or "A" according to the picture in the manual.
  7. AgentC

    AgentC New Member

    So my car goes to another dealer on Tuesday to be checked (properly I hope!) and thought I'd check the oil level at work where it is nice and level. Told it was full on 3rd January.

    Car stood for 6 hours and dipstick thoroughly wiped before re-dipping. Could one of you fine gents put a picture up for comparison?

    New pic. Warm engine shut-off for 10 minutes. Would one of you guys post up your dipstick for comparison?

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