how low can you go... fuel tank capacity

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by ertzog, Mar 23, 2014.

  1. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    How come we don't get a compressor on the shores of Lake Erie ??
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  3. reddog99

    reddog99 Active Member

    I don't agree with the idea that the fuel pump has to be submerged to keep cool. I think that's an old wives tale. Or maybe an internet tale nowadays. :)
    The pump is cooled by the fuel passing thru it. If there's not enough fuel to cool the pump, then your engine's not running. And if the engine isn't running, then neither is the pump, so there's no cooling problem.

    Since I have a long commute, I have a (bad) habit of running my tank nearly dry all the time, and have done this to numerous vehicles many, many times, both motorcycles & cars and I've never had a pump go out.
  4. wash

    wash Active Member

    Too close to Canada.
  5. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    Don't like Hockey eh ?
  6. wash

    wash Active Member

    I'm not 100% sure but I think our fuel system before the high pressure fuel pump is relatively low pressure compared to the 70 psi or so that a turbocharged multipoint injected engine might need.

    I doubt we have more than a 110 or 140 lph pump, that should make it run cooler than a 255 lph or the dual pumps a GT500 runs.

    If you don't do anything dumb consistently, the gas tank and low pressure fuel system should be fine.
  7. smatty

    smatty Member

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  8. bigshotdan

    bigshotdan Active Member

    Vaguely back to the original topic, I'm going to be driving from Brisbane to Sydney in a couple of weeks' time, and am really keen to see just how far a tank of fuel will take me, given it's mostly highway miles. According to Google Maps, it's 923km (573 miles) between city centres, so I'll see how far south I get before needing a top-up...
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  9. D1JL

    D1JL Well-Known Member

    You may have more trouble than most of us as gravity effects you differently.
    Heck even your toilets swirl in the wrong direction.

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  10. bigshotdan

    bigshotdan Active Member

    Bahahaha! I'll do my economy run on the outbound trip then, because at least that's downhill... :p
  11. TapTapPull

    TapTapPull Active Member

    I predict you get 565km.
  12. wash

    wash Active Member

    For best results try cruise control at about 60 and resist the temptation to accelerate.

    If you can avoid having to slow down, you won't have to burn gas accelerating up to 60.

    I can get about 31 but I go faster and the only thing I can't resist is temptation.
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  13. Sekred

    Sekred Active Member

    Another reason why we suffer more from condensation too.
  14. bigshotdan

    bigshotdan Active Member

    Considering I got close to 600km out of my most recent fill, with a bit of city and highway driving, I'd say I'll manage over 700km. Here's an update from one of my friends, who did Sydney to Melbourne a couple of months back:

    "Sydney (Bellavista BP Servo) to Melbourne (Mill Park) = 844kms total. I travelled 803.8kms + 7kms DTE before fill ip at Wallan BP. At 100kms DTE I travelled 745kms. My average speed was 103km/h with an average 5.5L/100km. I think a solid effort in the little fez. Keep in mind 35degree heat and various roadworks. My aim was to crack 800kms in one tank. 810km tank was done in 46.6L"
  15. wash

    wash Active Member

    You could slightly over fill your tires too, maybe 45 psi?

    If you are going that slow you might even be able to draft a truck but that is a bit dangerous.
  16. bigshotdan

    bigshotdan Active Member

    Yeah, definitely not gonna do any of that. I get bored too easily going slow... :p

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