How many miles/kms did your car have upon delivery

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Sales and Service' started by speedprotege, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. quiznos

    quiznos Member

    10.1 then. 1800 now, 43 days later.

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  3. StokeSmack

    StokeSmack New Member

  4. The Duke

    The Duke Member

    mine has 30 or so, but it was driven from another dealership around 20 miles away. Thing just came off the truck, still had all the protective packaging and centercaps in the glove box.
  5. Neely2005

    Neely2005 Member

  6. BlackBird

    BlackBird Active Member Staff Member

    31 miles after my test romp.
  7. Toast

    Toast New Member

    20 total. I probably put two or three on during my test drive and the GM of the dealership had a bit of a romp in it too when it was delivered, so probably only had ten or so at first.
  8. koozy

    koozy Active Member

    6 miles.

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