How to - Triple R Splitter Install

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Exterior Upgrades' started by joe@2j-racing, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. joe@2j-racing

    joe@2j-racing Active Member

    Plan about 1-2hrs for the install, hopefully quicker with the help of this thread. To start, the hardware included from PumaSpeed is hardly adequate, especially to maintain the angle of the splitter correctly at speed.

    You will need to pick up 3 20mm thick rubber washers (hard but pliable) and 1 40mm trim screw (same thread as the OEM black trim screw). You'll also need a 1/4" drill bit and 7mm driver/socket.


    First remove part of the soft plastic trim that extends from the front of the wheel well - that attaches to the OEM lower diffuser and bumper cover. Remove the 7mm trim bolt from the fender liner to the bumper cover and 7mm bolt where the trim attaches to the bottom of the bumper cover. You will not reuse that bolt. Cut off only the section that attaches to the bumper cover, leaving the area that is affixed to the OEM diffuser.


    Next, align the splitter and mark where the OEM bolts reside on the bottom of the bumper cover and drill holes in the splitter. These are the two OEM trim bolts found on the bottom edges of the bumper. The reason why you are using the OEM bolts is because the bolts will go through the splitter, bumper cover and plastic inner liner with the metal clip in the liner holding it all together. This is a pretty damn secure setup. You will not use the two holes on each edge of the splitter, only one of them - see below.
    Once this is done for both sides (L and R), then drill through outermost hole on the splitter into the bumper cover and use the smaller bolt, washer and nut included with the kit. Do this on both sides. Next drill a hole in the splitter about 2" ahead of the splitter hole (see pic) and attach to the bumper using the small supplied bolt, washer and nut.
    p6.jpg p5.jpg

    Lastly, using the holes in the splitter (rear section), drill through the bumper cover tab and affix using the Long Puma bolt, 20mm rubber spacer and washer/bolt. Do this on the left and right tabs. Then locate the OEM bolt just off center, left side and drill through the splitter and use the 40mm trim screw, 20mm rubber spacer and attach to the bumper. Reinstall the trim screws (L and R side) that attach the fender liner to the bumper. Done!
    p9.jpg p8.jpg p7.jpg

    With the 20mm rubber spacers your splitter should be perfectly level and with 11 bolts holding it all together it will hold up at speed.

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  3. joe@2j-racing

    joe@2j-racing Active Member

    Thanks to Dave for pointing out his install issues and giving me some ideas with mine. Dave, chime in if you found a better method please!
  4. moshaholic2

    moshaholic2 Active Member

    Is it really "empty" like that underneath? So, its really just the top "skin" of a splitter and not a solid unit?
  5. D1JL

    D1JL Well-Known Member

    Good job Joe, all is well.
    Your car looks great.
    You cheated however and used a lift.

    I did not completely remove the black bumper trim parts.
    I only trimmed them and also trimmed the splitter so that they would sit flat.
    Both methods work just fine.
    I also used nylon spacers instead of rubber.
    Again either works.

  6. joe@2j-racing

    joe@2j-racing Active Member

    The problem is just the tools Dave! The splitter is a two piece unit. Thin top layer of fiberglass and lower section - glued together.
  7. D1JL

    D1JL Well-Known Member

    Yes, I know.
    The only thing that is trimmed on the splitter is about 2 inches of the rear lip near each end.
    This is only to accommodate that bumper trim piece.
    I did it with a Dermal tool.

    As I said however, both methods work just fine.

  8. reddog99

    reddog99 Active Member

    I'm never going to buy one, but I can recognize an excellent how-to when I see one. Good job!
  9. Steve@Tasca

    Steve@Tasca Fiesta ST Network Sponsor

    Nice write up and nice job on the install, that looks great.
  10. johnnyquest

    johnnyquest Member

    Looks great, really clean install. Thumbs up!
  11. joe@2j-racing

    joe@2j-racing Active Member

    Its actually a pretty good piece. Maybe we could import 10 if someone wants to setup a group buy - and save on shipping from the UK
  12. moshaholic2

    moshaholic2 Active Member

    FSWerks is getting them in
  13. level42

    level42 Active Member

    Awesome!, this is great news!
  14. Removed

    Removed Guest

    Sweet. Shipping will be a lot better. Or I could pick it up next time I'm down there.
  15. MonsterST

    MonsterST Member

    Looks great on your car. It's on my list. Nice write up. Thanks!

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  16. c-not-k

    c-not-k New Member

    That looks really nice.
  17. speciosusnex

    speciosusnex New Member

    followed this walk through to the "T" and it worked well. Took me 45 min with the walk through! Thanks!
  18. meFiSTo

    meFiSTo Active Member

    Does this piece do anything aerodynamically, or is it 100% cosmetic? It looks nice, but it's a little bit of trouble to get on their right and if it doesn't DO anything at speed at the track I'm not sure it's worth it. I like good functional splitters when they add some nose stability, but I wonder if this thing does that. Any comments from anyone that's used it at the track? Joe, I know you have.
  19. ooklathemok

    ooklathemok New Member

    Does anyone have any tricks as to how to line up the oe holes with the splitter for drilling?
  20. D1JL

    D1JL Well-Known Member

    It is best with two people.
    with the car on ramps or stands one could hold it up from underneath and the other can eyeball it to get it straight.
    Now the person standing can hold it in place while the person underneath can use driller screws through the holes as pointed by Joe above.

  21. ooklathemok

    ooklathemok New Member

    I'm gonna try using transfer screws if I can find some.

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