I ordered a Fiesta ST!

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Sales and Service' started by WRC Fan, Aug 13, 2013.

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    Rugy? tight shorts and shirt. Bending over and hiking a ball between your legs. Wrestling each other. Sounds great! hahahaha jk but really hockey is way better lol we are way off topic
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  3. captainmorbid

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    It was pretty fancy. ;)
  4. CarefreeAZ

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    Now I get it. You mean like this:

  5. Mayhem

    Mayhem Active Member

    Sorry I missed this,

    mmmm.. I have dealt with Brown Bros / Richport / Coastal / Key West mostly as far as Ford dealers go.. Have been to others, but not much to say about them.

    Brown Bros... I wouldn't recommend to anyone, and without going into too much detail, I will never let them touch my vehicle again. Have purchased two through them. Hopefully never again. Awful people.

    Coastal lied to get me into the dealership, and went full retard with the bully/pressure tactics. Goodbye.

    Richport I have serviced My Raptor there, service guy also took care of my previous Camaro when he worked at a GM dealer.. Happy with their service. My sales guy was great to deal with... But his boss screwed me out of the order I had with them since mid 2012.. so that he could have one on the lot.. Lied about not being able to change the order to my spec's...(I inquired VERY early on about the Fiesta ST's.) .. and then low-balled me big time on trade. Lied about a few other things and just made a piss poor effort to do any business. A shame really. But not going to lose an extra 10 grand just to do business with the sales guy. Sucks though, because sales guy put in a lot of time/effort and I was pretty set on dealing with him. If only I was purchasing straight up.

    Key West, well.. long story short.. I am ordering through them. But I don't think I'd have recommended them. Or bought through them if I wasn't trading in a Raptor. My experience is mixed. Numbers wise, it made the most sense. Because they deal with Raptors @ a huge markup.. And some of the service has been great.... But they pulled some bait & switch and have been less than honest about things. I was told they had an order with a VIN that they could change to my spec's and have here in a few weeks... But by the time the deal was done, they changed their story to... We will let you know when we have a vin, we're looking at MAYBE 10 weeks'ish for delivery? No definitive answers for now.
    So basically promised me an existing order, and I think just went ahead with a brand new fresh factory order instead. Effectively doubling my wait time... I am crossing my fingers that I don't get jerked around too badly and the car shows up in the "10 weeks'ish" time frame they estimated. That would be quite similar to one of my previous factory orders through another dealership. (A similar buying experience with the bait & switch allocation).

    So if I don't have some good/comforting news by October I'll start worrying then.
  6. Mayhem

    Mayhem Active Member

    Searched high and low and could only come up with Green Envy as far as ST's... Only regular Fiesta's? Haven't found anyone that seems to have a Green ST on order. All Red/Orange/Black..

    That said.... I've already traded in and signed off on a deal so I'm stuck waiting. I would not have gone for fully loaded anyhow.. Really no interest in moonroof / wheels / calipers / Nav... I wouldn't even take a moon roof for free... I hate them.

    Appreciate the tip though! Thanks !
  7. Marco

    Marco New Member

    wow thanks Mayhem, that's very useful information. I was going to check out Coastal Vancouver since it is close to where I am but I will make sure to shop around.
  8. Mayhem

    Mayhem Active Member

    Yeah, I wrote up a much longer detailed review of each, but cut it out.. as it was massive, and I didn't want to flood the thread. lol I have a bad habit of typing up way too much... which is probably obvious by now.

    But anyway... I really feel that everyone's experience can be different at any given place. I would definitely suggest testing the waters at each of em. You might luck out. Brown Bros is probably the only one I would flat out not recommend..

    As long as you walk in prepared, it doesn't matter how dishonest they are because you will know right away. The best thing you can do is your homework, and be ready to walk away if you are not comfortable. The more you know in advance and the clearer you are in regards to the numbers you are aiming for... the better off you'll be. To be honest, I'm not sure why so many sales guys seem to practice such dishonesty... Anyone who puts in the time can find the truth without much difficulty. And then it just makes you look bad.

    I think I might have had a different experience at Coastal if I knew previously what I know now... (Good friend of mine is friends with one of the Managers there.) It might have saved me a lot of trouble. But my experience left a lasting impression. (To be fair that was from when I was buying my Raptor). I didn't inquire about the ST through them this time, because of my previous encounter. That and two of the primary people I dealt with are now working for another dealership selling a different brand. (I know, because I ran into them again when I was testing potential vehicles there.... lol)

    I checked out the other 3 (Brown/Key/Richport) for the Fiesta ST. Didn't bother with the other locals based on previous experiences when I was Raptor shopping.

    Some of the dealerships further north, up in the Kelowna/Kamloops area are seemingly more willing to haggle.... if you are willing to go through the hassle of buying further away.

    If you are that close to Coastal, it might be worth at least inquiring there and seeing if you don't have a much better experience than I did. It didn't cost me anything aside from time ;)

    As far as right now, I "was" happiest with Richport until they hosed me on the order+low balled me. I don't know 100% where I will service yet.
    If Key West does right by me from here on out, then I may just have to give them a shot at keeping my business. A friend of mine has been dealing with Key West for service for a while now and has been happy.. Aside from the dishonesty in regards to the order I was getting... They've been decent as far as car dealerships go.. I will keep you posted as I get closer to delivery ;)

    Having to deal with a middle man is pretty damn exhausting though. I really wish that I could just fill out some forms on the Ford site and deal directly with them.

    Also wish the Costco discount applied to the FiST !! They just reactivated the Costco 1,000 off incentive. But excludes the Fiesta in the fine print.
  9. TWDM

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    Yea, I had the same issue with KeyWest. They told me they had a sister dealership in Alberta that had to transfer their stock on a Molten Orange fully loaded FiST if it wasn't sold, but turns out they still couldn't get it.

    So I factory ordered from Dams ford in Langley because they were willing to give me the best price on the FiST.
  10. Mayhem

    Mayhem Active Member

    That's cool you were able to do better elsewhere. Don't blame you. I would have went elsewhere if not for my trade complication. I was getting exhausted dealing with that aspect of it. It makes me uneasy somewhat, but having been through it already... Perhaps it's "common" practice for some dealers, to ensure that they get the sale. As long as I get an update on the status change within the next week.. two at the most... I will be at ease.

    I am willing to wait a couple extra weeks to do better on my trade though. Just didn't appreciate the bait/switch tactics. Honesty is valuable.. And I'd honestly gladly wait longer if I was being treated well enough. Hopefully my patience pay's off and I don't run into any further issues. They seem pretty eager to get a good review score.. And have been attempting to keep me happy in the mean-time.

    Free loaner vehicle was appreciated though. I wasn't keen on driving around and depreciating my trade-in. And hoping that nothing happens in a month or two of waiting. Not with my luck anyway... lol And didn't want to get low-balled at delivery time.

    We should get some of the local ST's together for a meet/photo op or something when more cars start getting delivered. (Assuming you are local, given your dealerships). And maybe give some of those still waiting a chance to see some different colors / options first hand.

    I read an interesting post from a Ford employee I think? On another forum, which kind of outlined the differences between Retail / Stock orders...
    I liked that it sounded like the Retail orders were at least price protected and attached to the buyers name... Somewhat of a comfort even if I do have to wait longer.
    That coupled with the fact that I've already given my trade which covers the entire cost of the vehicle... should secure me my car without any hitches. *knock on wood*. Although it did also say that a retail order was not guaranteed until the status gets updated through ford as being accepted to be scheduled a build date.

    At least dealer stock is already basically guaranteed to be en route. The info did too suggest that dealer stock IS open to be changed as far as options, up until just before the build date when the status is "locked in".
  11. Marco

    Marco New Member

    Good idea. Someone (you) should start a Vancouver ST club
  12. aborbs87

    aborbs87 Active Member

    I finally ordered my FiST September 20th, never thought it would happen. It was a tough decision between PB, RR, and MO. I ended up going with the Molten Orange with the matching Recaros. Also opted for the Rado Grey wheels with the red calipers. In my opinion the darker grey wheels really pulls the car together. ETA on delivery is late November. I have a question for those who took deliver already. How long did it take to receive your VIN? That'll help aid this anxious wait knowing its actually being built.

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  13. OLST

    OLST New Member

    I ordered my FiST on September 22nd at Metro Motors. I went with the performance blue model. I was also told to expect the car in about 10 weeks. Going to be a tough wait.
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  14. doudou

    doudou Member

    ordered same day and same color and option than aborbs87 , your my twin now .;)
    delivery 15 november ( but i m sure it s more long) :thumbsdown: , build 15 october , my birthday is the 6 october grrrrrr:headbang: 9 das and the car is the same birthday like me :wacky:
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  15. TWDM

    TWDM Member

    Is this Metro Motors in Port Coquitlam? Interested in seeing what price you got for the vehicle. Hope you didn't order from Dave Mallinson cause he's an asshole
  16. F1ST

    F1ST Member

    Put my order in on the 27th for a Tuxedo Black with Recaros as the only option.
    Can't wait.
  17. Bronzit

    Bronzit New Member

    I have ordered a 2015 ST on 05/29 b/c Ford was no longer accepting orders for 2014's. See att. PDF for details. I will be told when it is being built down in Mexico. I could not find ANY models exactly built in this configuration inside the U. S. I am told by the senior dealership folks that the first I could expect to get this ST w/b mid-Sept., due to model-year changeovers. I am due Costco & Ford discounts when it is delivered. I expect my bottom-line to be ~$24k. I figure that this w/b my last car buy. I am retired.

    I plan to get the same performance upgrades to this ST that I have on my 2014 SVT Mystichrome Cobra: CAI & Bassani-style cat.-back exhaust, probably a Cobb set-up. I will not violate factory warranty or Calif. SMOG laws, so I may be waiting a while to get this done. I will see what is allowed by Ford, if anything is.

    I have found on the Web that there is a new color coming for 2015, called Electric Spice Metallic (E. S. M.), Code H8. There are also changes to the rear spoiler, front fascia, AND the headlights will be new LED units. See att. PDF. I would love to get an ST in that color but the Molten Orange is probably safer: In the Bronze or light tan cars I've had, I have been rear-ended 15 times since 1972! The M. O. is very visible in the fog, which we get here night & mornings, vs. the E. S. M. color. Black is hard to keep up, I don't like "ticket-me-red", and silver, gray, & white disappear in the fog.

    This is my "insurance" against damaging my Cobra (33k mi.) again, which I also got rear-ended in while sitting in traffic @ a stoplight behind a p/u on 10/23/13. It was a sunny day. $8,000 damage (other driver's) & 118 days loss of possession. Parts are hard to find for a 9-year-old SVT Cobra. The ST w/b my Daily Driver.

    ATB, Bronzit.

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  18. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    congrats on your ST order! I ordered mine in the middle of May (was originally May 7th, but the order bank wouldn't take my order for another week). I am also looking at early to mid September for the car to arrive from the plant.

    If you are looking for a performance package that is fully warrantied from Ford, check out the Mountune MP215 kit. It is installed at the dealership.
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  19. Bronzit

    Bronzit New Member

    Thanks for the tip, BRGT350. I'll consider this. But Cobb looks good, too. Then there's the DIY Mishimoto Intercooler + additional parts. I'll consider all of the available options @ delivery time.
  20. iLiptiKal

    iLiptiKal Active Member

    Welcome, and congrats on your order!

    Can you post a link to where you read the changes to the ST for 2015? Only thing I've seen so far is the new colour, but nothing about the other bits you mentioned, and the 2015 PDF you posted doesn't have any of those changes listed.

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  21. Bronzit

    Bronzit New Member

    Thanks, iLiptiKal.
    Actually, I didn't keep the info. source. It was from several rumor pages I found thru a search for, "2015 Fiesta ST". But since you asked, I went looking again. I found this: http://www.vehicles2014.com/2015-ford-fiesta/ A quote in part:

    "... Despite the budget price, 2015 Fiesta will continue to look and feel inside richer than typical subcompact , with soft-touch top panel and metallic accents complete with solid build quality.
    Continuing with the model 2014 refresh will be simpler dashboard, a layout with center -mounted 6.5 – inch screen, a new steering wheel, and improved upholsteries. Fiesta ST 2015 cabin should continue with ST – specific sport cloth seats, leather wrapped steering wheel and knob, and aluminum trimmed pedals.
    There are major changes in its design than its predecessor in 2013, and as for the 2014 Ford can not tell you it’s the same engine as 2013. New engine will be changed for the 2015 Ford Fiesta, and when we talk about the 2014 model will be modified only to the external appearance. All the news we can expect in 2015 to have more power less CO2, and Eco Boost. In other news from the Ford we still have to wait a bit to see how it will look when this powerful and luxurious car is out on the market. There is no doubt that their appearance confiscate all the public and you will be able to enjoy as you drive this model you and your friends, with your family. When we do not have any major news about this model, we can only wait to see how our this time, Ford surprised with this work and of course the great achievements of the company..."

    This is obviously a translation to English. I saw new LED headlights, new 6.5" screen for the simplified dash, new seat material, new front end lower fascia, new rear upper spoiler & lower kick panel. Note that Envy Green is no longer listed on that fleet sheet vs. the new Electric Spice Metallic (code H8) color?

    This is all that I have for now.
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