Is MP215 the way to go?

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Engine Upgrades' started by Anders Olsson, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. Anders Olsson

    Anders Olsson New Member

    What you're saying doesn't make much sense. Firstly, customers choose this option because they don't wanna risk anything. Secondly, the 2 year warranty isn't the only thing Ford offers if you service your car during that period (and no COBB tune for iunstance), but when the warranty is up and the car breaks down, Ford is more open to compensate.
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  3. Tokendog

    Tokendog Member

    Sorry, I think you may have misunderstood my post. I am referring to the decision making process a Fiesta ST owner goes through when considering their available tuning options. Typically, an ST owner would only consider the Mountune MP tuning kits if they would prefer to not be concerned about having issues when utilizing their car's factory warranty at the dealership or with Ford. The MP215 is more expensive, offers less gain, has less support (only comes with one map), has less gauges, etc. and again, it cost more than the competition. Plus you have to pay to have it installed.... so it's real value/benefit is only the fact that it doesn't impact your factory warranty.

    If factory warranty is not a concern, typically an ST owner is going to go with one of the other tune options such as Cobb, Mountune's MR, etc. as it's cheaper and usually offers better gains.

    With that in mind, your factory warranty starts from the day of purchase(so to speak), so ideally the best time to get an MP kit or a tune that is covered under factory warranty is as earlier as possible or rather with as low mileage as possible (so that you maximize it's only real benefit or value vs the competition)

    In my mind, I'd wager:

    MP215 purchased at a dealer and installed by the dealer (therefore not impacting your warranty) at 0 miles is better than:
    MP215 purchased at a dealer and installed by a dealer at 25,000 miles or a year/2years in to ownership.

    The MP215 kit (installed by a dealer and at a dealer, keeping the factory warranty) begins to lose it's value the more miles you put on your car vs. the competition (other tunes) as they are not covered under warranty in the first place, so mileage or length of ownership, doesn't matter for them.
  4. Anders Olsson

    Anders Olsson New Member

    Its only cheaper until the damn thing breaks down :-D (and the breakdown isn't necessary have to do anything with the tune, warranty still isn't covering)

    A risk I´m not ready to take, and probably one of the reasons I bought a completely new car. I know what you're saying, your having more bang for the buck with the third party options.
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  5. Tokendog

    Tokendog Member

    Yeah, definitely. For the record, I have the MP215. I love it. I've driven in one with a Cobb Stage 1 AP. Honestly, the only thing I miss in my MP215 is the torque limiter being removed and an oil temp gauge. That aside, I absolutely love my MP215 and the lack of concern should something go wrong with my car and I need to use the warranty.
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  6. Anders Olsson

    Anders Olsson New Member

    I really hate that torque limiter in 1 and 2 too. What did it make only with mp215 and do you got any numbers with NOW COBB installed?
  7. Tokendog

    Tokendog Member

    Unfortunately, no numbers on either car. Just butt dyno. It improves the power band noticeably, as others have indicated. The car just has power ready to go any time you need it - the mp215 just seems to give you more of it. I really really wish they'd remove the torque limits because I can make due without a oil gauge...but in the Cobb Stage 1 Fiesta, that torque limiter being gone is VERY VERY noticeable.
  8. Dyn085

    Dyn085 Active Member

    Once I go the route of ATR, I'm going to re-limit my torque. At the track it's less noticeable, but if I mat it anywhere in first or second (and occasionally some of third) on my normal commute I get nothing but wheelspin. Tires would definitely help a lot, but in daily driving I don't really care to have to manage the throttle if I feel like putting it on the floor. Having additional power is great, but if it's not effectively transferred to the pavement it's useless.
  9. Ken@mountune

    Ken@mountune Active Member

    The MP215 is verified on the 2015 Fiesta ST and in fact already has a CARB EO.
    Perhaps the FRPP catalog has not been updated but the calibration was updated several months ago to accommodate
    the changes the 2015 has.

    And yes, there will be no ProCal for the Fiesta.

  10. Anders Olsson

    Anders Olsson New Member

    How genuine is the source who dictates there will be no ProCal for the Fiesta?
  11. Steve@Tasca

    Steve@Tasca Fiesta ST Network Sponsor

    I know that Mountune has certified it but Ford Racing tends to be cautious and never updates that stuff on their side until they've verified it in house.

  12. Steve@Tasca

    Steve@Tasca Fiesta ST Network Sponsor

    I know that was directed at Ken but,

    I've been doing FRPP parts for going on ten years with most of that time spent growing my former employers business to the number one spot in sales of FRPP parts. Over the years I've developed contacts and know who to ask and who to trust.

    The person I asked about this is someone I trust 100%

  13. Ken@mountune

    Ken@mountune Active Member

    Here's a page from the latest Ford Racing Catalog confirming 2015 application - Thanks
  14. Steve@Tasca

    Steve@Tasca Fiesta ST Network Sponsor

    I'm not here to argue with you Ken, The paper books have been printed but the website and the tech guys are not verifying it on the kit sold by Ford Racing yet.

    I have absolutely no doubt that it's going to be verified and the information updated but as of this minute there is no official word from Ford Racing that the '15 is covered.

  15. Ken@mountune

    Ken@mountune Active Member

  16. Applejack

    Applejack Active Member

    Do you hear that? It is the smallest violin playing.

  17. CSM

    CSM Member

    FWIW, I had the MP215 installed today. I was a walk-in customer to my Ford dealer and they got it installed in 45 minutes, no problem.

    There is a noticeable increase in power, mostly in the mid range torque. The car pulls hard all the way to redline now. I thought I'd be annoyed at having the kit keep the torque limiter, but honestly it's not a concern to me (1st gear simply spins tires now...not sure how increasing boost would help?).

    I'm a happy customer and would recommend it to anyone in a flash. The only concern I have is that I'm only getting 21psi of boost WOT in third.. I've seen reports of people hitting 23psi. I'm wondering if I have a loose hose clamp somewhere?
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  18. Tokendog

    Tokendog Member

    Yeah, 21 psi is low in terms of what you should be getting with the MP215. I think the highest I've gotten is 24psi if I recall, but I can reliably and regularly hit 23-23.5
  19. CSM

    CSM Member

    Hmm... maybe someone from Mountune will chime in. In the meantime, I'll put the car up on ramps tomorrow and double check the hose clamps...I checked them a week ago when I did my oil change and they were all fairly tight.....
  20. Tokendog

    Tokendog Member

    Yeah, I'm no expert at this by any means but I am under the impression all kinds of things can impact your turbo's ability to make power. Environment, altitude, etc. so hopefully someone can chime in and give you some insight or things to look for.
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  21. marc89gti

    marc89gti Active Member

    I do remember Randy or Ken from Mountune say that if you have any other improvements ie aftermarket exhaust etc that because of the increased power and torque the ecu will hit an allowed torque limit thus limiting boost to a slightly lower value. Not too sure if CSM has any other mods to his which could cause this. Other than that the only thing I could see as Tokendog said enviroment, altitude and possibility a loose fitting somewhere.
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