Is the Recaro package worth it?

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Interior Upgrades' started by breon, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. horrorbiz

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    Nice! Looks great.
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  3. horrorbiz

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    So there's just that single plug under the seat? And it connected right up to the Recaro seats? I was expecting there to be 2.
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  5. Ca5p3r

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    i just got through putting in the recaros from the focus st in my FiST. Little bit of work taking the things apart. Ford uses rivets for one of the parts, little irritating having to drill those out.

    FiST recaros would definitely be easier.
    did anyone ever try to put in heated seats (recaro or otherwise) into a fiesta without heated? I had initially thought that the Recaros I got, from tasca, had the heated seats parts in them. So I prepared for that. Anyways, they didnt, and I found that my wiring harness at connector C300 (driver's seat) didnt have the wires for heated seats. Kinda sad, but I guess it saved me tons of time and work.
  6. no-pistons

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    What did you do about the airbag plugs? Anymore info on modifying the mounts?

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  7. how was the install? any pictures?
  8. Ca5p3r

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    for the airbags, I cut the wires from the focus recaros and but connected them to the wires on the fiesta base seats so that i can use original wiring and connectors. Seat position track sensors are the same parts on both seats. I transferred the original seat belt buckle over. So in general, I did as much as I could to use the original wiring harness because of the connector from seat to the car (C300). I had also bought an extra driver side seat slider base to do all of this which I wont do for the passenger side. Assuming that I can follow wiring diagrams correctly (my airbag light is not on... And I killed my battery since I was playing music the whole that I was working), from the recaro airbag, orange stripe wire connects to the blue stripe wire on the base seats before the connector for airbags (C300 something) that should be the positive line. The other is the "return" line.

    so since I used a separate slider base (I had to tap it in a few places to get bolts/screws to go in), I created a little more work for myself but I wanted to figure things out before doing something wrong on my only seat that I have.

    I'll post pics later today... I should boot up my computer.

    Edit: Seats

    All that time spent making notes on the pictures.. and they don't show up. How unfortunate.

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    Nevermind... just don't move the mouse in the slideshow.
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  9. so I can just bolt my base slider to the Recaro seat?

    this is awesome!! you are my
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  10. Ca5p3r

    Ca5p3r Member

    For the most part. You will need the ... I don't know what it is called.

    You have the slider base which connects the seat to the car. on the top of that at the front is this aluminum support pan and then you have this plastic piece on top of that which the recaros use. You do need that plastic piece, but otherwise it basically just hooks up with exception for the side airbag rewiring.

    One thing to note, I still do not know if I rewired the side airbag correctly. The wiring colors that are there (base seat and recaros) don't seem to match exactly, so I made an educated guess based on the pins in the connectors. I ran a VHR this morning, and it is saying that there is an issue with restraints, so it may be recognizing that the side airbag isn't the correct one or that it is wired improperly. So do at your own risk. One concern that has been brought up elsewhere is that if you get into an accident that normally would set off the side airbag and it does not go off, there may claims and an investigation into that which may lead to your insurance not covering you for improper modifications or compromising the "safety" of the vehicle. Honestly, if I get t-boned by a semi or a truck, I don't really think that side airbag is going to be of much use.
    So, YMMV

    Oh, the ford shop manual does say to throw away the bolts that hold the seat to the car after you remove them... which I think is more of a precaution than a necessity. When you do put them in, 1) front inboard bolt, 2) front outboard bolt, 3) rear inboard bolt, 4) rear outboard bolt. You use 36 ft. lbs. on them.

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