Jalopnik asks a stupid question

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST News and Reviews' started by lill2012, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. lill2012

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  3. Neely2005

    Neely2005 Member

    Why is everyone complaining about the Recaro seats? They're optional in the USA and I find them quite comfortable and I'm not small.
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  4. Steve@Tasca

    Steve@Tasca Fiesta ST Network Sponsor

    I'm 6'6" and 225 lbs and I've not sat in the Fiesta ST with Recaros but I have driven the Focus ST with Recaros and while they're fairly comfortable I actually find that they make me feel a bit claustrophobic. Could be a combination of the seats and the car though because the center console is intrusive to say the least and I despise having the B-pillar right next to my head.

  5. djdennehy

    djdennehy Active Member

    *IMHO* I am not a fan of the Recaros... you can buy a better set of seats from Corbeau, Sparco, etc... for half of the cost of the upgrade to Recaros from Ford.
  6. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    Not once you price them out and add air bags. I did it before I ordered mine ...
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  7. moff3tt

    moff3tt Active Member

    I think the arguments in favor of the Abarth are illogical. They claim that the car is more fun because the "character" of the vehicle. Its temperament makes it the car that is more fun, or generally the "better" car. Yet, the FiST is far from numb as they describe. I think the people in the Abarth camp are driving the FiST to the Abarth limits and at that point it is going to feel easy, numb or disconnected, and it is going to feel as though the car does a lot for you, but that is because the car is of much better design so it laughs in the face of the Abarth's limits. The thing is to bring out the "character" of the FiST you have to drive a lot harder than what I think they realize. It's pretty temperamental, but not until you reach its limit but that limit is much higher than the Abarths. So basically what I am saying is the thing the Abarth camp so proudly proclaim's as THE thing that makes their car better is something our car has too, but we get to enjoy it with much more speed, much more g-force and therefore the FiST is a better car.
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  8. aborbs87

    aborbs87 Active Member

  9. Klink

    Klink New Member

    Abarth owners are like bickering xbox and ps4 owners, no matter what you picked, if it is different from them, YOU SIR are a dumbass.....

    For me, maybe its living in Europe for a couple years, Italy for 1 year at that, I have seen 3 FiST, one on a dealer, one on base, and one black one on an awesome German road. Fiat 500 Abarths? countless, I just ignore them until I see a tuned up one. (pictured below, 4 exhaust tips for a 1.6 cause racecar) and the thing with the recaros, don't buy them, they are not standard.

    and another thing I have noticed, Abarth owners name their car for some reason, I never got this....

    If I had 25k for a fun 2/3 door car that I would not need a back seat, my last option would be the 3 door hatches IMO. but as a daily driver, I'll take my 5 door that is more practical, handles better, faster and more power, and smile as I pull away from a Fiat name Patrick in my rear view mirror

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