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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chassis Upgrades' started by Smokin, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. I have the Eibach rear (and stock front) on the car for now. I also have the Eibach front in the garage, ready to try.

    Noted that the Eibach rear is fairly easy to install...once you realize that whoever WROTE the directions didn't actually try to INSTALL the bar ;) . Big key is to completely tighten down/torque the "front" bolts for the rear bar before you even insert the rear bolts (and thus make it impossible to get a backing wrench on the head of the front bolts firmly). So with that caveat now, pretty sure I could remove/install the rear with the car on ramps in less than 10 minutes.

    I'll run Marina this Sunday with the current bar setup before I change it up :)
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  3. Slowclimb

    Slowclimb Active Member

    Should be good to see your opinion...I know most who tried the rear bar did not stick with it. So, it will be good to see what your thoughts are.
  4. Slowclimb

    Slowclimb Active Member

    For anyone waiting for ST "Specific" fronts....

    No bracket, Koni has no plans to make them that way when the valving is fine and the fit is right. “in development” means nothing. I’ve seen things “in development for 10 years and never show up.
    It’s a wire, you just don’t want it dangling around. J No there are no other changes made, the valving is awesome.

    So I'll be ordering some from Sam pretty soon. Questions to those who have mounted them already. How was it? You need to drill anything? Easy fit?

    Trying to figure out if it is something I tackle or get help with.
  5. No drilling, literally bolt right in (reusing stock springs/mounts/bumpstops etc). Fairly easy install. Only gotchas I had were following :

    1. You aren't getting a torque wrench on the top hat nuts. Just use common sense.
    2. Ford specs the lower bolts (strut to spindle mount) as 60 ft-lbs plus 90 degrees rotation. While annoying (rather than "just torque to XXX ft-lbs") it isn't rocket science :)

    Rear shocks = 18 ft-lbs on upper mounts to body, 85 ft-lbs on lower bolts to axle.

    For the ABS wire, zip-tie and done ;)
  6. Slowclimb

    Slowclimb Active Member

    Perfect...thanks for the help.
  7. Mightymango

    Mightymango Active Member

    I was going to order from Sam...until I found them for over 100 bucks less on Race Consulting Agency. Sounds like they are 2-3 weeks out from almost everywhere unless Sam has some sitting there.
  8. Slowclimb

    Slowclimb Active Member

    I will check that out. Sam had two fronts and there were 3 rears in stock at Koni as of yesterday. He said next sets are a minimum of a month out. I can't pull the trigger on anything until I see how badly the Fed has railed me this year.
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  9. AlanBDahl

    AlanBDahl Active Member

    Sam quoted me about $40 more than Race Consulting Agency, not $100 more. $573 + $20 shipping vs $552 with free shipping.
  10. Slowclimb

    Slowclimb Active Member

    That is a good price too..better than the one I saw.
  11. Mister_Mino

    Mister_Mino Member

    I ordered my set from Strano. Fronts are in but rears are on backorder till first week of April. I'd rather support a local than buy from some company I've never heard of, just saying...
  12. Slowclimb

    Slowclimb Active Member

    True... You are just sayin... Some things I shop "local" others I shop availability and price...
  13. Flaco1

    Flaco1 Member

    Received my Koni rears last week, it was an easy 2 hour install. I never intend to track or autox my car so for me the rebound is a bit to harsh. I set them to the full soft position and now I have a tolerable commute. Well pleased with this mod !
  14. Mightymango

    Mightymango Active Member

    Got mine in....finally. Have it already set in "auto-x" settings so I can get used to it. Tweek'd the alignment as well, my first event in the car with this set up. Can't wait!
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  15. jeffreylund

    jeffreylund New Member

    Are you using stock springs, AND did you dial in particular camber/toe?
  16. Mightymango

    Mightymango Active Member

    Stock springs as H-Street classing does not allow spring change. I will post alignment specs when I get it done, I posted when I though I was going to get the alignment done yesterday but it is going to happen today. I will post some specs, I am not going to post all in case the setting I go with does not work on course.

    Also on my ABS wiring that many people have had to zip tie on the fronts, I did not. My car has about 30k on it now and the wire is already set in a "form" that is sits exactly the same as it did on the factory strut so I don't need to do a thing.
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  17. Slowclimb

    Slowclimb Active Member

    Having the konis installed and an alignment done next week. My wheels may not be here...so I am either going to miss the first event next Saturday or I will be doing it on the all seasons I used over the winter.
  18. KKaWing

    KKaWing Member

    I remember back in my Mazda 6 days, a few forum members autocrossed the stock Mitch. MXM4's and the tread basically melted and glossed over :p That said, they did it in the dead of summer on tires with ancient technology.
  19. Slowclimb

    Slowclimb Active Member

    These are destined for the garbage anyway.... Probably won't be much worst then the stock tires I used all last season
  20. AlanBDahl

    AlanBDahl Active Member

    I'm doing mine this weekend. Are there any special tricks I should know about the install? Did you have to align the car afterwards?
  21. Mightymango

    Mightymango Active Member

    Not really, you might need a zip tie for the abs wire on the front. ( I did not). You should get an alignment, my front was off after install.

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