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    Hi Guys! I know a couple people have posted their LED light bar installs, so I figured I would show how I did mine. I live in back county san diego where there are a lot of canyon roads, and I found that the normal headlights (with LED bulbs) do a good job of projecting forwards, but not a very good job casting sideways illumination around curves and generally are a little bit insufficient for night runs.

    I decided to go with a 20" bar but I didn't want to spring for the thousand dollar Rigid industries one, so I got a cheapie amazon rip off one. It was about a hundred bucks shipped with wiring harness and switch/relay. Overall it seems to be decent quality and doesn't have any dead LED's or anything.

    It seems like most people buy or make a mount that mounts in front of the grille, but I wanted mine to look a little cleaner so I decided to set it as flush as possible. Because the crash bar sits right behind the grille, this meant removing the front upper quarter of the bar so I could recess it enough to be flush but still have something to mount it to (PS: Yes, i'm now missing some of my crash bar. This is a potential downside to anyone who is really fanatical about safety.)

    Here's a pic of the mounting with the front clip off:

    After this it was just a matter of wiring it and cutting the grille opening to the proper size.

    As far as wiring goes, I decided to run the relay through a switch which I spliced into the the high beams, so for the bar to go on both the high beams and the switch have to be in the on position. This is nice because I can switch it off and use my car normally, or switch it on and modulate both the bar and the high beams using only the high beam clicker stalk. Heres where I mounted the switch:

    Overall, I think it came out pretty good and it puts out a LOT of light, so I'm happy with the performance. Here are pics of the finished product:

    light1.jpg light3.jpg light4.jpg

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  3. dslinker2001

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    Looks so solid. Do u have a night shot?

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  4. Dude I really like this i would have to order another grille though couldn't bear cutting the stock one.
  5. m4ximusprim3

    m4ximusprim3 Member

    Hey guys, no night shots yet, hopefully tonight. And the first cut is the deepest- after that it gets easier :)
  6. m4ximusprim3

    m4ximusprim3 Member

    Added one more- the harness had two hookups, so I figured it would be a waste if I didn't use them. This is a Baja Designs Squadron Pro spot- basically a long throw 10* spotlight to supplement the midrange light from the bar.

    bd1.jpg bd2.jpg bd3.jpg
  7. Link for the Amazon light bar that you used!
  8. m4ximusprim3

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  9. ahm1127

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    Nice job!

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    Thanks! Took a couple runs up palomar this weekend at midnight and the light setup was real nice. Pete (pedro on here) also came- he has two hellas in the front grille and the light bar definitely held its own against them in terms of output and was better at casting a wider dispersion.

    The radiator, on the other hand..... 66* outside and still got limp-moded on the second uphill run from overheating. Mishimoto can't come out with their rad/oil cooler soon enough.
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