Let the Mayhem begin.

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Photos and Media' started by Mayhem, Nov 23, 2013.

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    And so it begins.

    Ordered - Aug. 23rd
    VIN received - Sept. 27th
    Built - Oct. 21st
    DELIVERED - Nov. 22nd

    So my wait has finally come to an end, I picked up my '14 Green Envy ST with the Recaro Package last night! :troll:
    Now, I admit that I was wrong for thinking that Green Envy was the best color.. because IT STILL IS. haha

    I really appreciated the help I got in receiving info about the order status along the way, and I tracked it on it's rail journey using the ETTX info shared by other members n here... I tracked it until it arrived locally, and when I didn't receive a phone call on the ETA day (Nov. 21st) I messaged Meagan for an update on the 22nd... At which point I was told that the ETA was "Today!"

    I called the dealer, and they hadn't seen/heard anything yet, and hadn't taken delivery at that point... But I got a phone call a few hours later followed by a few photo's and the news that my car had just been unloaded off a truck!

    Obviously I was like, "So can I come get it now?!" haha, but my sales guy wanted me to wait until Monday!! Luckily for me I have pretty valid excuses for genuinely not having time at all next week.... :troll:

    Long story short, I drove home with my car about 2 hours later.

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  3. Mayhem

    Mayhem Active Member

    So, as for delivery experience.

    I did encounter a few hiccups....
    -They didn't have the proper paperwork ready, and misplaced my file, so I need to return to the dealership soon to sort that out.
    -They still need to write me a fat check for the difference on trade, and incentives.
    - Originally requested several times that they not wash the car or remove any plastic, they persisted aggressively and I agreed to a rinse but no full wash. They did remove the plastic anyways. And I suspect washed it more than I had agreed to. Wash job was so so.

    Bottom line was that I didn't wanna wait anymore.. That and I didn't want lot boys or customers messing around in my car. They wanted me to leave it over the weekend. no way!

    -There is a bit of rail dust that needs to be removed. Overall the car was in good condition but there is a scratch on the hood, and some swirls on the hatch in one spot. And a noticeable spot on the hood that looks like rail dust?

    -The car did indeed come off the truck with a front plate bracket installed, despite the fact that I definitely ordered with no front plate, and my dealer was very communicative in regards to this.. Not a whole lot could be done about that. And I wanted my car too bad to let that get in the way of taking delivery. Very disappointing to say the least.

    The other issue which was more of an annoyance... Literally half an hour before coming in, they called and asked if it was alright to put dealer decals on the car.. I was grateful for being asked, and specifically declined.. Stating that I wanted no decals or logo's at all anywhere on the car. Sales guy confirmed, but whoever was cleaning the car up and prepping etc... went ahead and heat gun'd a vinyl (big one) right on the back hatch... It's the biggest decal back there for crying out loud!!

    Dealer has been mixed. Mostly depending on who I was talking to.. My sales guy was decent, but the one of the Sales Managers was the one I spoke with the most. He was pretty awesome about any questions/info / requests... and got me the deal I wanted on my trade in, in addition to providing me with a loaner vehicle for the entire duration of my wait.. free of charge, insurance covered.

    So overall, I'm happy, but there are a few people there I absolutely hate talking to.. Compulsive liars, the super fake sales / business personality where they treat you like a child... and the complete lack of product knowledge boasting all sorts of incorrect information.... (They make me lose my mind!) So luckily I had 1 or 2 good people to deal with.

    Mostly, Meagan and my other contacts who work @ ford, kept me sane throughout the delivery process. (Thanks for all the help/info !!)
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  4. Mayhem

    Mayhem Active Member

    I have driven a lot, of vehicles, but the vehicles I have personally owned.. excluding family owned vehicles, or two wheeled vehicles are limited..

    2010 Camaro 2SS/RS m6 (Black)
    2010.5 f-150 SVT Raptor (Blue Flame)
    and now..
    2014 Fiesta ST ! (Green Envy)

    My loaner vehicle for the past few months has been a 2012 Ford Focus sedan. Very base.. HORRIBLE !!! automatic transmission... But other than that, it was actually a rather impressive car for what it is. That transmission though.. OHHHH My goodness. :wacky:

    So, the reverse was a little weird for me, hehe. I wasted 5 minutes before I figured it out... I actually had it right the very first time.. but for whatever reason I guess I didn't lift the thing high enough so it didn't engage.. and I assumed I was doing it wrong... 5 mins later, I realized I had it right, just not far enough.

    After I got that down, and left the parking lot.... I have only owned one manual transmission to date (the Camaro) and aside from a Focus ST test drive a few months back I haven't driven manual since.

    First impressions are that, this is one EASY manual to drive... It feels fantastic.
    RESPONSIVENESS!! oh boy.

    Having owned a car with 400+ HP and tq in addition to a truck with 411 HP etc... I am no stranger to a little bit of power..
    The Focus loaner reallllly neutered me though. Seriously no passing power in that thing.

    The moment put my foot into that little Green Demon... haha!! For a little car, this thing really goes ! I was running low on sleep, and in a terrible mood.. been an exhausting two weeks and it was a horrible day up until I took delivery. But the moment I hit that right pedal.... I was grinning ear to ear.. Now with an ETA at one point of December 25th... I can honestly say that I have never been SO GLAD that Christmas came early... hahah

    1st-thru 3rd is so much fun ! This thing has great power, and really gets up to speed (within safe and responsible limits :troll:) quick !
    The handling is fantastic, and really... I have to say I had a lot more fun driving this car than I did the Camaro, or the ft86 everyone loves to compare as far as fun goes.

    I got a lot of attention all the way home too. I am pretty sure my MPG readout has to be WRONG because.... I am literally getting the same MPG I was getting in my Raptor.... 21 L/100km = 11 MPG.... :poop::poop:

    No way I'm having THAT much fun... hahahah Or am I?

    Either way I sincerely hope to see that change for the better.. Rapidly.
    I have only driven about 40km.

    Now in my excitement I didn't check the KM on my odometer at the dealership.. I just wanted out of there ASAP.

    But I did the math, and calculated that based on the distance to get to the gas station , and home to park it in the garage.... I received the car with roughly 11 KM on the odometer.. which is not bad ! that's roughly 6 or 7 miles. So nobody was fartin around in my precious ! lol

    I am actually really surprised at how grippy the tires are even in these cold temperatures.. We have been around -4 up to a max of 10 degree's lately... And although I haven't driven it in the low's... its still chilly out there, and the tires have been amazing.. That said I intend to have the winters on it hopefully next weekend. And will be driving minimally throughout the week. Not eager to take any unnecessary chances.

    I have been pleasantly surprised with how adequate the space is inside the car. Both my girlfriend and I with out seats adjusted the way we want them.... Found plenty of leg room in the back seats and enough head room.

    Storage space has been great, for the little car that it is. Took it out grocery getting... And had no issue throwing everything in the back.

    I have not been able to get the rear floor down to the lower setting.. not even close... the tire is REALLY making that impossible and so far all my wrestling has been unsuccessful. I don't know how some of you are pulling it off.. But I'll have at it again later on in the week when I have time.

    Anyway, I've already had plenty of compliments.. Neighbors came out to check it out, and it gets a surprising amount of attention for being a little hatchback. I have had some folks in veryyyyy expensive vehicles pulling up to check it out. The other great thing, is that the green paint seems to have afforded me a lot more "noticability" on the road in a good way.. People seem a lot more aware that I am there... Hard not to notice that paint..


    That paint !! I absolutely love it. Admittedly , I initially wanted white. I was considering Black , and I later decided I really liked silver... But man am I glad I stuck with the Green.. By far my favorite. I know it's not for everyone, and to be honest I am glad. I kind of enjoy having something as unique as possible, and for a sub 30k car that isn't easy to pull off.

    Anyway, bottom line.. I absolutely love this car...
    Well worth the wait.. and I don't think I've felt this "giddy" and full of grins over a car in quite some time. Not sure what it is about the FiST but it's an impressive machine, and so much fun.

    I love pretty much everything about it so far, interior / exterior / looks / color / sound / smell.
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  5. Mayhem

    Mayhem Active Member

    Pleasant surprises so far.

    -Sync works a LOT better than any other vehicle I've tried sync out in to date.
    I have so far been using it much more than I expected to be. It's not bad. I think I will tire of the novelty, as I'm not into that sort of stuff generally... but not bad none the less.

    -Plenty of room in the garage! Finally I can fit my car in the garage again... (The raptor was too tall). And I still have plenty of room all around the car.

    -Sound symposer. I admittedly absolutely hated the idea of this.. everytime I heard/read/watched video's about it... But the moment it kicked in.... It just made me feel awesome.. hahah I don't know, but I really liked it.. the lady thought it was great too.

    - The seats, are even more comfortable than the Focus ST Recaro's I sat in..
    I started out very ANTI-Recaro's.. as I hated them my first time in a Focus ST... But after a test-drive at a later date, I found that I actually ended up enjoying them very much... Now that I have been driving my FiST... I love those seats! Not as much as my Raptor seats still... But a very close 2nd !
    They're great.

    NOT so pleasant suprises.

    Aside from the above mentioned issues upon delivery..

    Found a giant dead moth in my passenger seat! Huge. I should have photographed it but I didn't. It was underneath plastic wrap and all that so I am assuming it came from the factory or for a very long train ride in the very least? Not my favorite surprise ! haha

    Anyway, I have tons of work I'll post more photo's later on. Included at least one for now. Back to work I go.
  6. Zormecteon

    Zormecteon Active Member

    Still waiting for mine to be made. It's scheduled to be built next week. ....

    About the tires... I had Ultra High Performance summer tires on my Focus. They were fine in the cold, but with a little bit of snow, and I mean a mere dusting, they had NOTHING. I could inch my way up a hill, melting the snow underneath with the slipping of tires, but could NOT STOP. I crashed about 100 yds from my house. Be very careful.
  7. Mayhem

    Mayhem Active Member

    Yeah, I won't be taking it anywhere when the temps are close to freezing. I've already had that experience in my Camaro, and there was no snow on the ground at all.
  8. Congrats on your Fiesta ST! That color is slowly growing on me. Rare for sure as I doubt you will see many out there. Just looking up inventory online throughout the country, I hardly ever see that color in stock. Anywhere!!!

    Now to be the "Debbie Downer". Your salesman/dealer didn't want you to pick it up until Monday because it's the weekend when they hope to be busy. They already have your sale. They don't care now. Hate to say it, but it's true. The salesman who you spoke with about the stickers doesn't care. He surely didn't pass on your request. And even if he did, they didn't listen. It's for sure the job of the workers there to put on as many dealer stickers as possible to advertise the dealership. Front plate? Not that it matters now, but how do you know it came from the factory? Do they have pics on the truck? Just curious.

    As far as washing, why let the dealer do this task? I can't imagine someone doing a better job than a proud new owner.

    I guess it's just me, I simply won't let the dealer do anything if possible. Off the truck and let it sit until I get there. Don't fill it up, don't wash, don't touch until I'm there.

    Sorry for being somewhat negative. I don't mean to come across that way. I have just learned over the years how much a dealer cares about a buyer. And it's very little after the sale is done. On to the next. Burn em and churn em is their motto.

    No matter congrats and post pics of your definitely rare car when you can!!

    PS. My slight negativity comes from experience from ordering a Mustang. Though LONG ago (1991) I ran into a lot of the same small stuff when picking up the car. So I have been there when picking up a factory ordered car. Wasn't the best experience that's for sure.
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  9. Mayhem

    Mayhem Active Member

    lol, no need to apologize, believe me I've been through those experiences. This isn't one of them. my salesman didn't want me to pick it up right away, because he was finished his shift already, had been up since 6am, it was evening, and he just wanted to go home and sleep for the weekend. Lazy, and tired.. He just didn't want to do paperwork quite frankly.. lol !

    But I've worked harder & had less sleep for the past couple weeks... and my new car was all I had to look forward to.. so I insisted.. And he stuck around to see it through. (He didn't have to, he was already off when he called me.) So he wasn't being paid to be there. Plus I don't know if you've looked at the profit margin on these cars.. It's not very much. My sales guy personally, is looking forward most to the questionnaire I'll be filling out about his performance. That's where he'll get at least a small bonus from Ford. The amount of time he spent talking about that survey from the time I first came in to order.. until I drove off with the car... lol.. He really wants that "perfect" survey. If anything, he stuck around for the survey purposes! haha.

    They don't care about the sale alone at this place. And more so due to the pricing I got, and the deal I got on my trade. (And I know they are barely asking more for my trade in, than they gave me for it). And that's just asking....They barely profited from my purchase, and will barely profit on my trade.. They've had it sitting there for 3 months. If I sold it myself at the price they have it listed for, I would have lost a few grand extra, buying the ST myself instead of the trade deal I got. Not to mention the money I saved having a free loaner vehicle for 3 months not having to pay insurance. Plus the extra cash incentive they gave me + tax savings. (+ gas savings) +free maintenance.

    It's actually quite the opposite. They don't care about the sale specifically, they care about "volume" in sales and they care about return business maintenance, in house insurance, window tint, protective coating, extended warranties, winter tires, etc etc... which is where the real money is.. They are trying to steal my service away from my usual dealer.. And so they are working pretty hard to keep me happy. I got a pretty smoking deal... and it's honestly the first time I feel pretty damn good about my purchase, rather than feeling like I took one in the rear. I actually feel that they got the short end of the stick, because I'm making out like a bandit on my deal.. And I'm not caving in for any of the extra's. I may ultimately give them my business for the maintenance though. They've done so much more for me than any of my previous dealerships.. And I can see they work hard to please. They also do a lot in the community, and are very much concerned about how they are perceived locally.. Don't get me wrong, they have many of the typical clowns working there too.. But I feel like I lucked out. But due to the other clowns.. if I had to deal with someone else I likely would have had the same typical shitty experience.

    The guy I spoke with about the stickers was on the phone with me while the other guy asked him about the stickers. And I 100% believe it was miscommunication, not the sales guy, but the other guy, who I met.. I'm sure the guy likely did it out of habit as they were in a rush to get the PDI done in like half an hour... My sales guy was terrified to touch my car, because he said he knew I loved it too much and didn't want to do anything to piss me off... He didn't fill it with gas, he gave me a few gas cards, to go fill it up with top grade fuel myself. Anything done to the car (aside from the stupid decal....) was done with my permission while on the phone asking me in advance...

    Anyway, sales guy also introduced me to the detail shop guy who is giving me an amazing deal on my tint.. (50% the cost of all local competitors i've priced out.) And that's for every single window on the car, + the windshield + the brow(darker than rest of windshield).. whereas the price I was getting from competitors was just for the rear windows alone... So paying far less, and getting far more. Probably get my vinyl done there too, because he's giving me great pricing.

    My sales guy called me as the truck was unloading, and said he wasn't taking off any plastic, touching it, washing it, or anything.. until I instructed him personally what to do...He described the situation with the plate, the plastic, and the rail dust immediately and sent me the pictures... I have had great communication throughout the process and his boss informed him it was off limits until I said otherwise... Plus he sent me photo's right away.. The plate was on it from the factory. That's a fact... One I'll probably be following up with a phone call to Ford to find out why they did that.... As nobody around here seems to have any answers.. I'm pretty satisfied that my car was ordered without the plate, because I put the order into the computer myself. Have the original print out, and all of that.. Ford just seems to be screwing over the Majority. I've still only seen ONE person on this forum, who lives in a plate requiring province in Canada who has been able to produce photo's of a car with no front plate being delivered.

    Ultimately I didn't have a dealership lot boy clean the rail dust... I had the boss at the detail / tint / vinyl shop next door do a quick rinse on it... It's actually the best job I've had out of a "dealership" experience, but as I said, there is one small area on the rear hatch that got swirled.. maybe 3"by 3" of little tiny ones. I can't say if it was the cleaning or if it was there from the factory or shipping process...I do know they didn't have time to take a shammy to the car though. The scratch on the hood looks to be from transport, and the rail dust... well... that's because I didn't have them do a full detail, just a quick rinse. As I said, I'm having a pro take care of it this week, and having some other protection thrown on. Overall, not a bad job and it was only done because I gave the go ahead.. I preferred the rinse as I won't be getting the car in to see my guy until probably mid week.

    That said, I have to just throw it out there.. It is a Fiesta.. not a Ferrari... :) I love my car, as if it was a Ferrari... But lets be realistic here!

    I took measures to make sure my car didn't fall into the wrong hands... And sorry to say it, but not every dealer is the bad dealer experience you had.. (much like the previous ones I had ! )

    Believe me I'm ultra paranoid about dealerships as I've had about the most ridiculous dealership experiences of anyone I know personally...I'm sure most of us on here have been there... lol decent experiences are far and few between.. But as far as dealership experiences go... mine wasn't all that bad this time around.. I wouldn't hesitate to buy my next car from them based on how things went.. (As long as I dealt with the sales manager guy).

    They had my car for a total of two hours-ish? They didn't even have enough time to do much other than throw some soap on it, and hose it. It wasn't even dry when I pulled up. And I still have the plastic as it was literally peeled off moments before I arrived. I detailed the interior myself. And the guy was apologizing profusely for not finishing the clean up insisting that I give them more time.... But I wanted to git r done.

    Anyway, yeah.. experience was 99999x more pleasant than my previous purchases experiences.

    Sales guy not so great, he's new.. I was one of his first sales... but I never dealt with him much. Mostly dealt wit the sales manager, who was around my age, and great to deal with. Unfortunately he wasn't in when I went in to pick it up and do paperwork... So I dealt with a couple pretty unpleasant people.. Even my sales guy didn't get along with them. lol.

    At any rate, I hope your next experience is better than your Mustang experience. I completely relate to the apprehension towards dealers though.. I've had some shit experiences that made me never want to set foot in a dealership again.. But I've also never met a dealer that handles business like this one locally. And I've never been as prepared for a purchase as I was this time around.

    Hope I didn't come off as too argumentative.. just blabbering on for the sake of clarification. I will definitely share some more photo's soon. And thanks :)
  10. Mayhem

    Mayhem Active Member

    Just messing around, blacked out the BG.

    First Mod.. Not much of a mod, lol. My green fuzzy's.. They've been in all of my new car purchases to date.


    Light hitting the paint from different angles.


    Sittin in the driveway.
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  11. Mayhem

    Mayhem Active Member

  12. Mayhem

    Mayhem Active Member

    Not a lot of mods planned too soon, but I'll be getting tint / visors / winter wheels/tires ASAP... Followed by a set of wheels for the rest of the year (don't like the stock set).. and some floor mats & vinyl.
  13. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    Congrats :)
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  14. D1JL

    D1JL Well-Known Member

    Congrats, now you will see that the wait was worth it.
    And with what you posted above.
    You won't need to post again for another month.

    Enjoy the ride.

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  15. Firesail

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    Congrats! I bet it was worth the wait!
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  16. WScottCross

    WScottCross Well-Known Member

    I highly recommend the WeatherTech floor mats. I had a set from my 2011 SES and I didn't think they would fit because they were specifically designed for the '11-'13 Automatics. I figured I would check them anyway and, sure enough, they fit perfectly.
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  17. Firesail

    Firesail Active Member

    Thanks for that info on the Weathertech mats! I hesitated on buying them because of the listing on their site.
  18. OxWhiteFiST92

    OxWhiteFiST92 Member

    Congrats man!
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  19. Mayhem

    Mayhem Active Member

    Good to hear that they do fit. Those are the ones I was intending to order.. Was just going to chance it as they looked like they'd be fine. They are fantastic. Also getting the Visors they make.
  20. Mayhem

    Mayhem Active Member

    Haha, definitely well worth the wait. I doubt I'll be able to refrain from posting for a month.. Although with the rant above, I probably should !
  21. FordIVTteam

    FordIVTteam Official Ford Representative

    Hi Mayhem,

    Congrats; that's one bright car! :)
    I'm glad you're diggin' the SYNC system so far. The layout of the MyFord Touch system in the Fiesta is unique compared to other vehicles, so let me know if you ever have questions about it. That's what I'm here for!

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