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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by eqc.liu, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. eqc.liu

    eqc.liu New Member

    Hey everyone, my name is Eric and I just started looking into leasing/purchasing a Fiesta ST (5 door)! I currently own a 2007 Mazda MX-5 (my only vehicle), and looking to trade it in for something more practical. I've been looking at both the Fiesta and Focus ST, both of which I love. I'm planning to start test driving some in the coming weeks. Problem is, Fiesta STs are hard to come by at dealers in the Long Island area.

    Has anyone here cross shopped the 2 aforementioned cars? What made you go with the Fiesta? Also, for those who only have 1 car, how does the Fiesta do as your only car? Is it practical? Does it do well in the snow?

    Thanks for any help in advance!
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  3. marc89gti

    marc89gti Active Member

    I have two cars, (1) FiST and (2) 2012 F150 Crewcab 4x4. I use my FiST as a daily driver to/from work but also find it very useful for grocery shopping and other day to day activities etc. When the seats fold down it makes it really useful for carrying bigger items. With the seats folded down I can fit two medium size crates in the back big enough for a 40lb size dog.

    As for snow I can attest the FiST is very good in the snow, up here in Prince George, BC Canada we get a fair share of snow and I didn't have any issues with getting stuck in deep snow. Get yourself some really good winter tires and wheels and you'll be set.

    As for picking between FiST and FoST it really comes down to what your looking for, FoST is obviously a bigger car inside and out, the FiST will get better gas mileage. Handling wise a lot of reviews say the FiST is the better balanced package compared to the FoST. Of course the FoST wins in the power department but if you look at getting the Mountune MP215 kit installed will bring the hp to 212 and torque to 236 for $1229 plus about an 1hr of labor at your local Ford dealer.
  4. maybe_fiestast

    maybe_fiestast New Member

    I drove a FoST tonight. I am now in the same thought process. The FoST is a lot or car for the money, and it felt high quality inside and fast. With that said the FiST is much more toss able and fun in my opinion.

    It is a rough choice.
  5. Ca5p3r

    Ca5p3r Member

    when I was looking for a new car (someone backed into the front of my neon and thus totaling it), I was cross shopping the FiST, FoST, and Dodge Dart. I didn't seriously consider the Dart since SRT doesn't come out with a version until 2016. I drove a normal focus and fiesta and made assumptions on how the STs would drive.

    I chose the FiST because of its smaller package and being nimble. FiST is lowerer on power, but you can always get more. And the FoST is about $3000 more (from what I was comparing). And I like the Fiesta interior and exterior more than the Focus's

    the FiST is marvelous as a daily driver. As far as fitting stuff into it, I've been able to fit a 2 burner grill (in its original package) into the back and also a full size cheap mountain bike without disassembling it (not at the same time).

    as far as fuel economy: at 55 mph on the highway, I have gotten 48.5 mpg. I usually average 30-33 mpg for highway/city mix (highway at 70 mph and fun city driving).

    you will want to get winter tires for it. The summer tires that come with the car (in all of Ford's wisdom, it's the only option) do not get any traction on the snow. Trust me on that. I've always driven with all-seasons on my parent's vehicles and my neon, so now I know for sure how horrible summers are on snow.

    other than that, I don't expect the FiST to be much different in plowing snow than my neon was.
  6. eqc.liu

    eqc.liu New Member

    Thanks for the info guys. I'm currently working on ironing out a deal to continue a 2014 FiST lease from someone. I hope it works out, the car looks awesome!!
  7. LT Berzerker

    LT Berzerker Active Member

    Congrats, bit early but hell your have it soon right! for me the difference in mpg, more open interior than the FoST, and think it's a better looking car than the FoST. That and price... For me it broke down between the mini, FRS, and FiST... Bang for buck (and overall power potential) with maintenance being cheaper (domestic made) no brained :)

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