Magnetic FiST thread

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Photos and Media' started by Karen Taggart, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. Karen Taggart

    Karen Taggart New Member

    20170118_144255-692x755.jpg 20170117_141812-1008x756.jpg 20170124_151222-756x1008.jpg 20170124_204655-659x836.jpg 20170124_201351-1008x756.jpg Ok, so I didn't find a thread for the here goes starting with my pride and joy...
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  3. Kazz

    Kazz Member

    Looks good!
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  4. Karen Taggart

    Karen Taggart New Member

  5. Firesail

    Firesail Active Member

  6. Karen Taggart

    Karen Taggart New Member

    Actually pretty much the same as the stock one... Thanks btw :)
  7. Karen Taggart

    Karen Taggart New Member

    BTW, kind of jealous of your MO....was the color I was originally after...
  8. Karen Taggart

    Karen Taggart New Member

    20170129_170302-942x678.jpg 20170129_170134-579x677.jpg 20170129_170050-1224x854.jpg 20170129_162616-1008x756.jpg

    Our gorgeous SoCal drive today...
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  9. Kazz

    Kazz Member

    I had no intention of buying it. I just went in to test drive it. Previous thought was it was an ugly color. Standing there, it just grew on me and grew on me.

    All that said, that is a very good looking color you have! We just have all silver/grey cars already and I definitely wanted to change it up. I certainly succeeded there! LOL
  10. Karen Taggart

    Karen Taggart New Member

    Totally get that...same reason I refused to buy soon as I saw the orange I wanted it, but we couldn't find it with the orange Recaros and my heart was set on those...that being said thank you and I absolutely love this color now!!
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  11. David McIntyre

    David McIntyre New Member

    I really like your ST. I really like where you get to drive it. Enjoy! They are a blast aren't they?
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  12. Karen Taggart

    Karen Taggart New Member

    Thank you...I love my drives...8000 miles in 3 months. Totally love driving it, definitely a blast!!

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