Milled wheels?

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Autocross' started by HardcoreFiSTing, May 18, 2015.

  1. HardcoreFiSTing

    HardcoreFiSTing New Member

    So, finding wheels for the Fiesta is difficult enough, finding light, Street class legal wheels is even harder.

    From what I can gather, Rota Slip Streams in 16x7 might be one of the lightest wheels available for the car at (depending on the source) 13.5-14.3lbs. The problem? The offset is ET40.

    I've yet to confirm this, but I've been told that the previous +/- .25in offset allowance has been changed to +/- 7mm. If this is the case, only half a mil needs to be taken off the mounting face to get them legal, although proper fitment with tires that run wide such as the 71r in 205/50/16 might demand even more offset, say a 2 mil reduction to ET42.

    Any thoughts on having a machine shop lightly modify the wheels? They're lighter than the expensive Oz's and IMO look much better.
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  3. jasyatz

    jasyatz Member

    Any decent machine shop can strap it on to a Bridgeport and mill them off. I had a set of Panasports offset corrected years back and cost $30 a wheel to have done. Honestly though for half a mil? SRS BZNS protest but I guess it would be illegal. I guarantee if you checked a bunch of stock wheels, you would find that some of them are 47.4mm offset and rounded down, that's 47 and ET 40 would be legal. I for one, am totally OK with a half mil offset difference. If you beat me, I guarantee that wasn't the reason. I would get them, find a tire that fits under the wheel well, and then worry about offset and such to become "legal". if you need the extra 2mm for clearance that's one thing, but for legality, I wouldn't bother unless you plan a trip to Lincoln in September.
  4. HardcoreFiSTing

    HardcoreFiSTing New Member

    I plan to order a set and have them milled. If we can get a group but going on the forum we may be able to get good deal on some seriously light wheels...

    I was told I could order them in ET42 on the custom order ($650 total cost), but I suspect that might be false and that I can only order 40 or 45.

    I'm hoping the tire clears on a 40.5 offset, I think it will, especially with people getting away with 245's. If it rubs, might not be a problem.
  5. Turboduck01

    Turboduck01 Member

    me likey.
  6. MrEss

    MrEss Member

    I purchased a set of 15x7.5 Rota slipstreams from 18 racing a couple of years ago. Their explanation regarding special order Rotas was that about 600 of any particular size and offset was the minimum that their manufacturing arm would produce and ship. That 600 pieces could be in any color ( plus chromed) ,but they would not cast orders of less than that number. And they would not produce any more for stock until the whole supply was sold. I would be all in for six wheels if a size decision was finalized. That would mean 149 openings exist for a special order set of Rota Slipstreams! I would strongly suggest that people who drive on rough roads all purchase a fifth wheel. The availability of single Rota wheels is very, very tough if you were to destroy one and need a replacement. Just sayn.
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