minnesota st here

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Meet and Greet' started by boyracer, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. boyracer

    boyracer New Member

    ladies, gents> minnnesota tuxedo black st owner here. gonna need some help. just registered for the pikes peak airstrip attack and need some more zoot in third, fourth and fifth gear. thanks, boyracer
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  3. LT Berzerker

    LT Berzerker Active Member

  4. boyracer

    boyracer New Member

    wow, thanks.
  5. 2016FiST_43ftw

    2016FiST_43ftw New Member

    Minnesota Twin Cities area owner here also. Did you pull the trigger on some parts/tune? I recommend adam at Tune+ who is local. I regularly hit between 25-26 psi on stock everything minus filter now and unlimited tunes sets you back $300 which from what I gather is a pretty sweet deal for the kind of talent he brings to the plate ;)

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