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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by mcummings182, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. mcummings182

    mcummings182 Member

    I know that pretty much all of you that got an ST bought it instead of leasing it. I didn't really have a choice because I took my brother with me who is an expert at haggling sales people and that's why I got such a good price for mine. I would like to add some things such as wheels and a louder exhaust. I know people say as long as you can remove everything, it's ok. Is this true? I do plan on buying this car at the end of the lease (3 years) but I don't want to void the lease or anything if I take it to the dealership for service (not often)
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  3. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    wheels should not be an issue, but exhaust will be. You need to cut the factory exhaust to remove it, so putting it back on takes some work. It surely can be done, but don't know about what risks are associated with doing it on a lease.
  4. Cligedy

    Cligedy Active Member

    What the what?
  5. BRGT350

    BRGT350 Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Standard procedure, the exhaust needs to be cut at the twist beam to remove it.

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  6. stuntdoogie

    stuntdoogie Active Member

    I think that if you are absolutely sure of keeping this car after lease contract you shouldn't have to worry But if your car starts to malfunction because of a mod the dealer will not fix it for free.
    oh wow that sucks...guess ford racing or mountune exhaust would be the best choice to avoid a void?
  7. mcummings182

    mcummings182 Member

    I guess I can always wait 3 years, which sucks! :oops:
  8. Rictuserectus

    Rictuserectus New Member

    how bout if we wanted to get the mountune upgrade and nothing else?
  9. No expert here, but your mods during a lease should probably work the same as if you purchased the car. What voids the warranty on a purchase at the dealer will void the warranty on a lease. It's when you turn it in that could cause a problem, but if you plan on buying the car after the lease, then it shouldn't be an issue. Do they even look at the car at the end of a lease if you want to purchase? I doubt it.

    Now if there's something in the lease that says you can't mod the car at all during the lease that's a different beast all together. Would have been prudent to ask when you signed the lease I guess.

    I'm surprised there's not more Ford sales people on this site. On some Mini sites, there are sales people that post and sell to tons of members. They get a great online rep with happy customers and then have easy online sales. Many fly into their dealerships in fact. Don't see that here.

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