Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Engine Upgrades' started by Ripterry, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. Ripterry

    Ripterry Member

    So I've got a potential new job opportunity and if I get it I'll be making considerably more than I am now. Looking for opinions on what performance mods I should look into. The COBB AP is on my list but what else? It's still gonna be my daily driver so I don't want to go super crazy. My car is completely stock at the moment.
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  3. CGv2

    CGv2 New Member

    Fingers crossed for the job man!

    My ST is my daily too so I wanted to go for incremental improvements rather than do too much at once. To start I went with a stiffer roll restrictor/rear motor mount. There are many options including Cobb, mountune, and Boomba Racing. You'll wanna read up to decide which sounds best for you. I also picked up a high flow drop-in air filter, again there are many options you really can't go wrong.

    Some people will also recommend immediately switching to a set of lighter wheels and stickier rubber. I got about 32k miles out of the Potenzas and I'm still on the stock wheels and have enjoyed every minute.

    Another reason these mods were great for me to start with is that I was able to do it all myself with no prior experience. Builds up the confidence to move on to bigger projects, recently headlight/fog light upgrades and pretty soon the intercooler.

    I know this is all pretty basic info but I hope it helps you!
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  4. Ripterry

    Ripterry Member

    Thanks! No word yet but I'm really hoping!

    Yeah I was looking a bit at COBB stage 1 because that comes with the motor mount, access port and air filter if I remember correctly. I'll look into mountune and Boomba as well though!

    In terms of wheels, the only thing I'm really worried about is winter time. I was stuck with the summer tires that it came with all winter because I couldn't afford new rims and tires. I see the tire rack has 15" rims and tires for $500-$600 so that will also be pretty high on the list.

    I'm glad those are all pretty easy projects because I have no prior experience either. Hey basic or not, it's all stuff I never really knew before!

    Thanks a bunch for the info!

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