Motive Power Bleeder - Anyone Use One?

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Maintenance' started by was-an-M, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. was-an-M

    was-an-M Member

    I went to swap my brake lines, pads, and fluid to get ready for a track day. Everything went fine until I got to bleeding the brakes.

    I had originally bought a Motive 0100 adapter for my power bleeder because that was what some chart said to use. It didn't fit. I even tried trimming the tabs down but no luck.

    So then I tried to use the European thread-on style that I use on my BMW and it seemed to thread on. Great. So I pumped it to about 8psi and all seemed ok. Then I turn around to get a wrench and look back and there's brake fluid pouring down the wheel well. So obviously it doesn't hold.

    Has anyone had luck with a Motive Power Bleeder? If so, which version cap? I am thinking of buying a mightyvac to bleed from the caliper end at this point, but I much prefer the Motive Power Bleeder.

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  3. E365

    E365 New Member

    I made one to use on my BMW using a sprayer, an eBay pressure gauge and some fittings. For the cap, I just found a proper euro sized cap at a junkyard (free). That doesn't really answer your question, but you could buy a new Ford cap that fits the car properly and modify it to fit your current system.
  4. was-an-M

    was-an-M Member

    I actually had that thought. Does the stock cap hold pressure or did you need to add an o-ring or something? Otherwise it seems like a case where I could build a cap pretty easily.
  5. E365

    E365 New Member

    At the base of this hose nipple I added that metal washer. Under that metal washer is a rubber washer that makes contact with the plastic cap.


    The hose nipple above threads into the inner bore of this brass fitting. There's another rubber washer between this brass fitting and the plastic cap. The big rubber washer is just the existing washer that came with the cap.

    It all seals very well. I've had the system hold pressure for probably a good 5-10 minutes with no drop on the pressure gauge.

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  6. was-an-M

    was-an-M Member

    Great stuff! Did you add gasket around the edge of the cap to seal against the reservoir or did the cap as-is hold enough pressure?
  7. jeffreylund

    jeffreylund New Member

    To answer your question. I've got a power bleeder and it worked on Fords, BMWs without issue. I did have to fabricate a gasket for the bleeder cap. I just changed fluid on my Opel and it takes about 20 minutes from the time you drive on a lift.... Great tool indeed.
  8. Chuckable

    Chuckable Member

    What lines and pads are you using?
  9. Golfguy11800

    Golfguy11800 Member

    Did not fit on my Fiesta ST either even though the Adapter mot1117 claimed it would work.
  10. Chuckable

    Chuckable Member

    I emailed Motive about this and the response I got was that the 0107 model fits the FiST. I ordered one, and we'll see how it fits probably this weekend.
  11. Golfguy11800

    Golfguy11800 Member

    Good to know, I also emailed Motive and the guy was not very helpful. Seemed like he thought I was not able to put it on correctly. Please report back when that one arrives.

    Won't need it anymore since I had a friend stop by to pump the brakes...
  12. razorlab

    razorlab Active Member

    I have and use the 0118/1108 with no issues on my Fiesta ST.

    Works great.

    0107/1107 is for Mitsubishi/Subaru. I know because that is what I use on my Evo.
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  13. Golfguy11800

    Golfguy11800 Member

    I'll give this a try. Thanks for the feedback.
  14. WestcoastST

    WestcoastST Active Member

    Motive told me I needed 1107, Thanks Razorlab, I just ordered 1108. Now I have a spare 1107 that I can't use.
  15. Chuckable

    Chuckable Member

    WestcoastST did you try using the 1107 and it didn't work?
  16. WestcoastST

    WestcoastST Active Member

    I did a test fit and pressurized my bottle without fluid (I'm getting ready to upgrade my front brakes to Wilwood), and it didn't hold pressure. I contacted Marco at Motive, and he said he will replace my 1107 for an 1108 as long as its in good condition. Unfortunately, I had already purchased an 1108 from Amazon. I'll probably send the 1107 back to Motive so I can have a spare 1108. I'm glad that Razorlab had the right info on the correct cap.

    I think his response is a typo, S/B 1108
    Motive Products Support
    10:39 AM (48 minutes ago)
    to me

    Hi Frank - I've become aware recently that the 2014+ FiST probably needs to use the 1118 adapter. I don't have confirmation yet.

    If you send me your 1107 and it's in good shape I'll send you an 1118 to try out.


  17. moff3tt

    moff3tt Active Member

    Good to know since I have never had the greatest luck bleeding brakes manually and now have access to a compressor. My brakes are also in need of replacing soon so I think I'll give one of these a try.
  18. Chuckable

    Chuckable Member

    I emailed Motive and heard from Marco who wrote that he's been hearing from some FiST owners, and is sending out the 1118 to try out. WestcoastST, I bet that's you, so please try and let us as well as Marco know! I believe the "1118" is the adapter whereas the 1108 is the bleeder kit itself.
  19. WestcoastST

    WestcoastST Active Member

    I looked at what was shipped to me by Amazon last night. I'm getting ready to install my Wilwoods, so I purchased a Motive brake bleeder. This comes with a cap that attaches to the brake reservoir. I also have a 2011 Mustang that I have a BBK for, so I purchased a cap for it. On the Motive website, and what Marcos originally emailed me, was to use the 1107 cap, so The Motive bleeder I purchased came with the 1107 cap. This did not hold pressure. I was told by Motive that there are two o-rings, and I must be using the wrong o-ring. Last night I checked the cap for my Mustang and it is an 1118 cap. It comes with two rubber discs of different thicknesses. Per Marco, I needed to use the thicker disc. I tried the 1118 on my FiST and it sealed perfectly.

    I'm going to need to return the 1107 to Marco, so I can get another 1118. I'd have to return the entire kit to Amazon in order to get the right cap, which I do not want to do. I let Marco know what I found out by email last night. Bottom line. The 1108 or the 1118 cap will work on the Fiesta ST. Once I install the Wilwoods, I'll put info up on my build thread on the other forum (
  20. Chuckable

    Chuckable Member

    Awesome and thank you for the information for the community :thumbsup:

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