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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Engine Upgrades' started by Chuckable, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. Chuckable

    Chuckable Member

    Posted this up on some of the other forums and would like your input as well.

    I've got the MP215 kit installed and the next mod will likely be an intercooler. Many of you on this forum have a great wealth of experience with different types and brand intercoolers. I'm soliciting your opinion on the Mountune intercooler: mountune Fiesta ST Intercooler Upgrade high flow efficient bolt on maximum cooling

    There have been some great comparison threads, but this is focused on the Mountune unit as it's the only warranty-friendly intercooler. Too small? Too expensive? Poor design? Compromised to allow enough airflow to the radiator? Best of what's available? Etc. I'd like to hear your thoughts and experiences.

    I daily drive my car and will be autocrossing and doing a track day every couple of months in South Florida, which means high heat and humidity. Thanks in advance!
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  3. 15pbfist

    15pbfist Member

    If your worried about warranty then go with mountune and have the dealer install its your only option.
  4. 15pbfist

    15pbfist Member

    Mountune uses a tube and fin design which is lighter weight but not as durable as the bar and plate there is a thread on it. It is three spots below this one
  5. Chuckable

    Chuckable Member

    I saw the thread comparing different construction types, and it's a good read. Anyone else have any input?
  6. Randy@mountune

    Randy@mountune Active Member

    Most Fiesta ST FMIC kits are about the same size. Our kit is Ford warranty friendly so if that is a concern that is something to consider, yes.
  7. bobjob

    bobjob Active Member

    I'm going with mountune, getting it installed on the 22nd, along with other mountune goodies. I believe the core dimensions of the Mountune IC are about the same as stock, only thicker. I dont plan on tracking the car, only dealing with the occasional heatwave.
  8. Chuckable

    Chuckable Member

    Randy, I've looked at comparison pics and the Mountune seems to be on the small end of the spectrum. But, as with most things, I know that it's not that simple. And I understand that the Mountune dimensions are meant to preserve the factory cooling pack functionality. Is that true?
  9. Randy@mountune

    Randy@mountune Active Member

    I don't think I'd say the Mountune FMIC is small. There's not really room to go much bigger. However, we do have to preserve the engine cooling, yes.
  10. Chuckable

    Chuckable Member

    Randy, I used a poor word choice in saying the Mountune unit is "small." It is the smallest of the readily available aftermarket intercoolers, but still larger than stock by a fair margin. I stole this from Razorlab on another FiST forum for all those who are interested in comparing dimensions:

    Stock FiST IC
    Core Dimensions:
    27.5" x 5.25" x 2"
    Core Volume:
    288.75 in

    Mishimoto J-Line IC
    Core Dimensions:
    22" x 7.2" x 3.75"
    Core Volume:
    594 in
    69.1589% difference over OEM FiST IC
    18.1818% difference over Cobb IC

    Cobb IC
    Core Dimensions:
    27.5" x 6" x 3"
    Core Volume:
    495 in
    52.6316% difference over OEM FiST IC
    5.6075% difference over ATP IC

    ATP IC
    Core Dimensions:
    24" x 6.5" x 3"
    Core Volume:
    468 in
    47.3736% difference over OEM FiST IC
    1.2903% difference over AIRTEC IC

    Core Dimensions:
    28" x 6" x 2.75"
    Core Volume:
    462 in
    46.1538% difference over OEM FiST IC
    9.4122% difference over Mountune IC

    Mountune IC
    Core Dimensions:
    29.25" x 5.75" x 2.5"
    Core Volume:
    420.47 in
    37.145% difference over OEM FiST IC
    3.4401% difference over OEM FoST IC
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2015
  11. Randy@mountune

    Randy@mountune Active Member

    What I can tell you is that our FMIC works. And works extremely well. The Team O'Neil Fiesta ST that was piloted by ACP and calibrated by yours truly, cleaned up nicely last season. The same FMIC we sell to the public was used on the 2014 Championship winning Fiesta ST. We even started beating many of the AWD cars at the end of the 2014 Rally America season.

  12. Chuckable

    Chuckable Member

    That background and being able to speak to the people who actually help develop the parts and race them, not to mention the warranty, is why I'll be buying the Mountune unit.
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  13. marc89gti

    marc89gti Active Member

    When I do my income taxes in a month or so with the money I get back I'm going to buy the full Mountune kit with charge pipe and hoses. Real good value for the price Mountune is selling it for. And with Randy stating that the same intercooler that they sell was put into the Team O'Neil Fiesta ST makes me even more confident in the ability of this intercooler to do an awesome job.
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  14. Randy@mountune

    Randy@mountune Active Member

    Pic of the mountune equipped Ken Block Fiesta ST that fifteen52 is working on!

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  15. marc89gti

    marc89gti Active Member

    If the mountune FMIC is good enough for Ken Block then its more than good enough for me :)
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  16. Zormecteon

    Zormecteon Active Member

    Racing (and WINNING) is usually a good indication of quality of products.I wouldn't use Mobile 1 until I saw it being used in F1.
  17. mrtn

    mrtn Active Member

    Wish I had the logo painted on my mountune intercooler.
  18. jfdana

    jfdana Member

    OTOH, there's something to be said for stealth. Since the Fist seems largely to be unknown, a black FMIC hiding behind the black lower grille might just add to potential for surprise.
  19. BlackBird

    BlackBird Active Member Staff Member

    You'll only be warned once for posting pornographic material.

    Oh, who are we kidding. Love the black & yellow.
  20. Randy@mountune

    Randy@mountune Active Member

  21. Applejack

    Applejack Active Member

    But it doesn't have any headlights!

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