Mountune ST 1/4 mile Challenge! $1000 in prizes!

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    Mountune has partnered up with the IDRC for an awesome day of 1/4 mile drag racing at the Auto Club Speedway. We'll be awarding a $500 Mountune gift card to the QUICKEST ET Focus ST and another $500 gift card to the QUICKEST ET Fiesta ST from the event. The day of the event is October 18th 2014. International Finals/tickets/event-563/

    Please note, you have 2 choices. You can choose:

    Saturday Fun-Run Entry (October 18th)
    Fun Run Entry includes car and driver


    Saturday Drag Racing School (October 18th)
    Join the class and receive instruction on getting the best reaction times, launch techniques and car set-up. This will help you with choosing your dial-in, going faster and winning bracket racing.

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