My car is finally ready after 5 weeks, but it looks like it'll be a few more months....

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by lill2012, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. lill2012

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    Can't make this shit up. So, after about 5 weeks, 2 rentals, and a whole bunch of unanswered calls to my insurance company, my car is ready to be picked up. Because my claims agent was a complete moron, I had to give back the Mini Countryman S (ugly, but fun), a few days earlier than my car was ready. Spent the weekend in a Transit Connect and was going to hitch a ride to the shop with a driver this morning. That's until I snapped a bicep muscle (it's as cringeworthy as it sounds) picking up a way too-heavy box. My right arm. My shifting arm :(. I'm meeting with an orthopedic surgeon in the morning to see how quickly I can get in to get everything back where it should be. Looks like I won't be needing those snow tires after all. The one positive spin is that when all is said and done, I'm saving about 3-4 months of heavy driving miles. I'm already at 14k and it was delivered back in july. My first nephew and my car have the same birthday so it's easy to remember. Wish me luck. And get snow tires if you live in the NY/NJ/CT area.
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  3. Applejack

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    Wishing you a good recovery. I've broken my fair share of bones... and I rather break a bone any day over tissue (muscle or tendon / ligament) damage. Good luck.
  4. XR650R

    XR650R Member

    Sorry to hear it. Get well soon, and enjoy your FiST!
  5. Cligedy

    Cligedy Active Member

    Ouch. My wife tore her achilles tendon (completely apart) on her left foot and couldn't work a clutch. I had to drive her across town to work every day for months. It was an ordeal.

    Get into rehab as soon as possible and good luck. In 2 years this will be a cool story you tell at parties.

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