My FiST, FRS/BRZ, and and Acura TL...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RDgolfer, Dec 14, 2014.

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    Ok...first off, I am making a new bumper sticker..."There is NO traffic, only IDIOTS"!...that being said, anyone who owns our turbo roller skate knows this fact, it is a samurai sword in highway traffic...dummy, burst, dummy burst...then a clear road! I used to be a truck driver, and I dreamed of being able to get through the one or two idiots damming the river...maddening...rant over..Anywho...coming back from Boston the other day, I encounter two willing and able pilots to slice through the idiots clogging the highway...say hello to me(FiST), BRZ, and an Acura one knows the colors...Let me say, at highway speeds, the BRZ and TL had plenty of poop...but so did me FiST...there is no denying the power of forced induction coupled with our little turbo, and my mountune full induction kit, and high flow induction hose...I am not endorsing anything other than following the speed limit btw...Merry Fairytale everyone!
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    I like this:cool:

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