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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by Kevin R, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. Kevin R

    Kevin R Member

    Has anyone had to replace their navigation SD card? Just wondering what it would cost.

    Also, since it would be easily stolen if someone breaks into your car, is it possible to make a back up copy? I've never removed mine from the car so have no idea what type of files you see on it if it was plugged into a computer. If Ford only charges $50 or something for a new one it's not a problem but if they charge $500 it would be nice if you could make your own back up, I'd leave that in the car and keep the original at home.

    This is the first vehicle I've had where the navigation system wasn't hard drive or DVD based. Not a big deal but it would have been nice if they put the navigation SD card somewhere not so obvious.
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  3. Ronbo

    Ronbo Member

    Ford should give a backup with the car. The cards would probably only cost a few cents each in the bulk they would purchase, and the $795 price for nav would still leave them a sizable profit.
  4. iLiptiKal

    iLiptiKal Active Member

    Interesting question, I don't have Nav or I would figure it out for you.

    I can't see an issue with making a copy of the files onto another card, you just need to maintain the file structure and format the card in the same way as the stock one (likely FAT32)
    Alternatively you could use cloning software to clone the drive to another SD card. I recommend Acronis True Image for something like this.

    Try an extra camera card if you have one around the house.
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  5. Kevin R

    Kevin R Member

    Ya, when I have time I'm going to plug it into the computer and see what's on there.

    EDIT: Looks like the A5 map has been released. Maybe I'll just buy that and keep the A4 map SD card as a back up.
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  6. DirtyBlueshirt

    DirtyBlueshirt Active Member

    The A5 map is official. the part number is EM5Z-19H449-AA. Kim from the IVT team sanctioned it as official here.
  7. reddog99

    reddog99 Active Member

    Has anyone tried one of these SD cards in a "non-navigation" ST? Would it activate the GPS program?
    (All ST models have the GPS hardware).
  8. DirtyBlueshirt

    DirtyBlueshirt Active Member

    Yes, it's been tried. The ability is in the car's firmware, which ultimately is tied to the VIN. You may be able to swap out the sync computer for functionality, but that method is scarce and expensive right now (not too many have made it to salvage).

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  9. reddog99

    reddog99 Active Member

    Thanks, that's what I suspected, but I had to ask.

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