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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Meet and Greet' started by ModernTek, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. ModernTek

    ModernTek New Member

    Picked up my FiST a couple weeks ago and I love it! I can't believe how practical and fun this car is. I just bought a tool cart at harbor frieght that came in a box that would have never fit in any car I had access to but, this tiny little car had no problems. The HF employ that helped me load it was amazed and so was I. At that moment I realized that not only did I own a fun car but, one that was functional. I can't wait to start modding

    Only thing that worries me is the lack of FiST in DFW. I have yet to see a one and the one I purchased was the only new one in the area. Anyone in the DFW area?
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  3. Sil3nt611

    Sil3nt611 Active Member

    Show some pics of your car. What color and options?

    I'm in Roanoke but I haven't gotten my Fiesta ST yet. There is only one member I know of for sure. I can't remember his screen name now but he got pushed off the road and totaled his blue one and picked up an orange replacement several months back and I believe he's in the DFW airport area.

    I have literally only seen one Fiesta ST on the road since they came out. That was a blue one heading south on IH-35 between Ft. Worth and Waco. I see a ton of Focus STs, but the Fiestas just aren't as popular over the Focus for size and HP.

    Dealers seem to be stocking less and less of them lately. I check dealer inventory for time to time and my most recent check I couldn't find any in the area. Recently there was a black one at Grapevine Ford that has been gone for a couple weeks so maybe that's the one you got. There was 2 at Lewisville Ford a couple months ago. Not sure when they sold. There was a used orange one at Plano Ford and it's sold as well. So I guess they are around, they are just so few that we just never see them.

    I'm planning on ordering mine in the summer time and will be getting an orange one.
  4. SilFister

    SilFister Member

    I'm in North Dallas area and bought a Silver Fist in December. I ordered it in July and waited 4.5 months to get it from a dealer in Whitesboro. I've seen three in the past year in DFW - a black one near 114 and Main; a white one near McArthur and 635 and a red one on 35W driving home the day I bought the car. I don't do too many forums and only read them occasionally as I travel on biz a lot. Anyway, it's a great little car - I primarily use it to and from work and an occasional road trip on the weekend. I'm not a track guy, etc.; just wanted something fun to drive around DFW. I only have about 1500 miles on the car and have been doing the Break-in 101 fairly strictly. I changed the oil at 100 and 700 miles (as well as transmission oil at 700). I bought the Mountune air intake upgrade on Black Fridy, but have yet to get it installed (by A Ford Dealer to retain the warranty) - that will be about it for the Mods.
  5. ModernTek

    ModernTek New Member


    Here's mine! Purchased at Bob Tomes Ford had a great experience there. Went to Westway, Autonation Frisco and 5 Star Plano.

    I will never return to 5 Star... bunch of liars

    Black with rado grey wheels. It has everything but the Recaros and nav. I really wanted nav but, like I said this was the only one.

    I haven't been on here because I blew out a tire on Sunday and have been busy trying to get it fixed. I'm happy I purchased the extended "warranty". Tire replacement was "free" I say "free" because I paid for the coverage and the dealer I went to messed up my wheel... they are ordering me a new one and I will be keeping the old one to replace the donut in the trunk.

    I'd love to meet up with some of you in the spring or summer!
  6. Izzy

    Izzy Member

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  7. Sil3nt611

    Sil3nt611 Active Member

    The black one you saw was probably the one from Grapevine Ford. I saw that one before it sold. It was fully loaded with all the options. Haven't seen it since.

    The two dealerships I've been to in this area I wasn't impressed with. At Grapevine Ford no one even approached me. At 5 Star Lewisville I compared the Fiesta and Focus ST and then the manager talked to me and basically told me I was an idiot for wanting to wait and save for my down payment. Best dealer I've ever been to was Sykora Ford near Waco. More than likely where I'll end up ordering from. It's a bit of a trip from DFW but the people are far better than anything I've experienced up here or most anywhere for that matter.

    It depends when I get where I want to with my down payment savings but it's looking like August is around the time I'll order mine and I'll have it in the Fall. I'd be cool with a meet up if more people chimed in from the area, I just won't have my Fiesta until the Fall.

    Ford is doing the Ecoboost drive event again this year at the Cowboys Stadium on March 21st if anyone was interested. I've been going the last two years and had fun running the Fiesta around the course they have. Looks like they'll have a Mustang course this year as well.
  8. ModernTek

    ModernTek New Member

    I guess the big issue is that they are out there but, maybe don't have an interest in modding, or haven't been expose to the wonders of modding.

    Hope all goes well with your order. Good honest dealers seem to be hard to find. They act like they're giving you a car.

    I will try and make it this year I always make it a point to but, something always comes up.
  9. Sil3nt611

    Sil3nt611 Active Member

    Honestly the only mods I plan to do to my Fiesta when I get it is the entire Boomba shifter kit and the Cobb rear engine mount. Then window tint at some point. Otherwise I want to keep it fairly untouched. What I've learned from modding my ZX2 is that some mods make your car more unreliable and I have several mods I regret ever bothering with. This is the car I pretty much just got in and learned on. Now I'd just rather have a car that comes from the factory with the performance parts so I really don't have to do much with it. Only reason I'm touching the shifter is because I really hate the stock one. I have a short shifter in my car that is a rod shifter so it's got more of a mechanical feel and it has a 50% reduction. For a performance based car the shifter on the FiST is just too long... The upgraded engine mounts is something I 'should' have done on my ZX2. The Fiesta already has better handling and power than my ZX2 ever will have and that's plenty enough to get into trouble with.

    Most salesmen are all about the here and now sale. If you aren't there to buy now they don't want to waste their time on you. The good salesmen realize that you are just looking for now but if you have a good experience you will be back to be a future customer when you are ready. That's exactly why I'm planning on going back to Sykora. They realized that I have every intention of buying in the future rather than going into substantial debt in the present and didn't belittle me for it.

    It's definitely fun running the Fiesta around on their track. Even running the other cars is pretty fun. The last 2 years I drove up from Waco to do it so now that I actually live up here I definitely have to.
  10. ModernTek

    ModernTek New Member

    I completely agree the FiST is great from the factory and doesn't require much to be better. I will not be doing anything to the engine for a little while but, I do plan on getting some coilovers, lighter wheels, sticky tires, stiffer engine mounts, sway bars, strut brace, short shifter, and anything else that will improve handling. Once I'm done with all that I will decide whether or not I need to do anything to the engine. That is a long ways away tho... I plan on taking my time and enjoying this car. I plan to keep it for a very long time and like you said the car doesn't need much.
  11. Sil3nt611

    Sil3nt611 Active Member

    Just saw a performance blue Fiesta ST this morning in Southlake at 1709 and Carroll. I had to do a double take because I never see Fiesta STs...this is the second one I've seen on the road in over a year and a half they've been out and I'm a person that would definitely notice if I drove by one. The Fiesta ST has got to be the most inexpensive exclusive car out there.
  12. M8ng01

    M8ng01 New Member

    I'm in the Frisco/Little Elm area and I know of a blue FiST in the neighborhood. It's kind of nice having a "rare" car. Aside from a cold air intake, I've done nothing, but am contemplating going the Cobb Accessport V3 Stage1 route to play around a bit.
  13. Ryan15

    Ryan15 New Member

    Are you guys in Texas ST Enthusiasts on Facebook? I'm pretty sure you can find out who has the FiSTs in that area. I will be moving to DFW in August.
  14. SilFister

    SilFister Member

    Anyone going to the Cars & Coffee in Plano this Saturday? I went a couple of months ago and didnt' see one FIST. I have to work later in the day, but am considering going over around 8:00 AM for a brief stopover.
  15. M8ng01

    M8ng01 New Member

    I tried to find the group/page and couldn't locate you have the link to it you can share?
  16. Ryan15

    Ryan15 New Member

  17. SilFister

    SilFister Member

    I bought a Mountune air induction upgrade, but want to retain the warranty; any suggetions of local DFW Ford dealers who have experience installing these? I bought the car in Whitesboro, but that dealer mostly works on trucks in that neck of the woods.

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