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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Meet and Greet' started by fordsn, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. eRic

    eRic Active Member

    I have no idea what is going on...
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  3. aar0n

    aar0n Member

    wtf just happened. lol
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  4. Driver45

    Driver45 Member

    Now that that nonsense is on another page, I am going to re-post my question....

    I have been hand washing my car since I got it, as I do not want to take it through a drive-thru car wash. I do not want to scratch the Tricoat Paint, as I have heard it is more sensitive to swirl marks than traditional paint jobs.

    _Have any of you found a touch-less car wash in the area?

    It is now cold / salty and I like to keep my car as clean as I can. I have been going to a self-wash, but I have to wait until the temp gets closer to 30. I am looking for a more convenient method of washing my car in the winter, if possible. Let me know if any of you feel my pain, and/or have a solution.

    I am in the Royal Oak Area, just as a frame of reference.
  5. aar0n

    aar0n Member

    I feel your pain. I live literally .25 miles from a touchless wash but its out here in westland. I lived by one in allen park before I moved out here. Both locations about the same distance from you and probably not worth it unless you are in the area already.
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  6. eRic

    eRic Active Member

    there's a touch-less car wash at the BP on Mound just South of 15 mile. I stop by there on the way to Kart2Kart.
  7. Driver45

    Driver45 Member

    Thanks, I'll check that one out. I work right over there on Mound, so that might be ideal.
  8. 15pbfist

    15pbfist Member

    Saw my first fist today at the mall

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  9. Driver45

    Driver45 Member

    11043125_3088365974874_5470448146519665403_o.jpg So fresh and clean! Summer wheels went back on this weekend and it feels so good!
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  10. Driver45

    Driver45 Member


    Just registered for the ST Octane Academy!!! I am so excited and cannot wait to go. I registered for July 31st. Anyone else going this year, or has anyone gone? Tips and tricks for the trip / experience from those that have gone would be appreciated.

    Miller Motorsports Park (home of the ST Octane Academy) is closing down this October. If you have not gone and are still eligible, I would highly recommend you get on the site and book!
  11. Marc Scuiletti

    Marc Scuiletti New Member

    I wrote my own review on another forum, so won't link it here unless you ask for it. To summarize though, having never been to a track day nor racing school, I found it to be great. The cost of the flight and hotel were still less than what I would pay to attend another school. I could have done without the Hoonigan reception, but that's just me. The staff at Miller were fantastic and very professional compared to those hosting the Hoonigan reception. Just be open to the instructors and you should love it!
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  12. Driver45

    Driver45 Member

    Sounds great Marc. I am pretty much in the same situation going in with this being my first car-on-track experience and I 100% agree about the price, too. I wouldn't mind reading your review, so it would be good if you could post that link, too.
  13. Marc Scuiletti

    Marc Scuiletti New Member

    Sure thing, i pm'd it to you, to avoid conflicting forum links. :angel:
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