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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chat and Discussion' started by ben_24, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. ben_24

    ben_24 New Member

    Hey everyone (new member here) never owned a ford before but read the reviews of the new fiesta and was in the market fora new car so decided to get one
    Couple of niggles though
    1. The other day on an over take i hit the redline -.- brand new car had done 100 miles and it flashed up the service light and said service due now. Apparently on speaking to ford this will happen everytime you hit redline and flashes up a boost fault code and then "limits" the boost till you turn the engine off and on again? Anyone else heard of this or had a similar experience

    2. After the car has been running a while it sounds a little like a diesel and not a petrol? This worries me as the car is new? Any help
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  3. Ronbo

    Ronbo Member

    Can't help with #1 (although it sounds questionable), but I bet the diesel like sound you are hearing is the clatter from the direct fuel injection. If so its normal.

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  4. Deanh

    Deanh Member

    check if the "diesel" noise is intermittent; when in neutral listen for the "knocking" then depress the clutch. If it gos away its the same issue I have /had ( its being fixed right now ) dual mass flywheel....its being replaced right now at 11000 miles, along with a new clutch.
  5. ben_24

    ben_24 New Member

    Hey thanks for your responses the turbo issue sounds a bit fishy to me too, I don't know why you'd make a car and then have that feature? Unless it's a new thing to protect the engine? But why wouldn't you just lower the boost from standard...
    I take it no one else on here has had a similar experience.

    And thank I've been listening and I think it is just the injectors I depressed the clutch and that made no difference
  6. XR650R

    XR650R Member

    Why are you redlining it @ 100 miles? Leasing it?
  7. ben_24

    ben_24 New Member

    Yeah just went for an overtake and used to drive a civic so just blanked and thought it had more but yeah a one off error
  8. ben_24

    ben_24 New Member

    Just to update this the service light fault ended up being an over boost fault which meant that after just 1300 miles the turbo is being replaced, unfortunately it was faulty from new
  9. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    Ouch. I think when i drove my car off the lot I was so distracted I bounced ot off the 6500 redline by mistake too .. It comes quick when you are not used to the car .. How it is not a lengthy wait for parts ..
  10. ben_24

    ben_24 New Member

    Yeah the car is a lot quieter than my last one and just was excited and probably not paying attention. Hopefully I will have it back by Tuesday. Ford have been pretty decent about it all but then it does concern me that if it was over boosting it was probably under fueling which could have caused engine and piston damage "/

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