NW Rally Association Rallycross Fest 2016

Discussion in 'Other Rally Series' started by 5sigma, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. 5sigma

    5sigma New Member

    Took the car to an amazing two-day RallyX event up here in Washington. Nearly 70 cars, great food, great crowd, and 2 courses at Dirtfish Rallyschool's amazing venue.

    The ST is easy mode, so it took home 1st place in Stock FWD!

    Some more photos of the event here.

    If you live up in the Washington or Oregon area, come join us. This has been an explosive year of growth in the RallyX community up here, and there are lots of events left in the season including head-to-head races, Rally Sprints, and dual-event RallyX/AutoX weekends.
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