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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Chassis Upgrades' started by joe@2j-racing, Apr 6, 2014.

  1. joe@2j-racing

    joe@2j-racing Active Member

    As we shave off pounds, there should be a single thread to keep track of the official weights, etc.

    This week we are going to try to get the fiesta around 2490lbs -

    Our base weight will be:
    Recaro Seats
    BC Coilovers
    18" Sparco Assetto
    225 Tires (to be updated w specs)
    Wilwood Front Brake Kit
    2JR Full Race DP
    2JR 3" Catback

    Track Weight will be:
    Remove both Recaros, Replace with single OMP WRC with 425 Motorsports Bracket
    Remove OEM Battery, move to spare tire location, replace with Battery Tender Lith Ion 480CCA (3.75lbs)
    Remove Rear Seat, both pieces
    Remove Spare Tire, Jack and acces
    Remove trunk floor and flip panel
    Replace Assettos with 17 OZ Ultraleggera and 205/40/17 Hoosier R6s (total weight) 33.1 lbs

    I'll post the corner weights and weight per piece. For Street the all track pieces will be swapped back except the spare.

    EDITED 4/9:

    1. Spare Tire + Jack + Rear Floor = 47.8bs
    2. Heated Recaro Seat = 49.7 lbs each
    3. Rear Seats, Upper and Lower Sections with Belts = 63lbs
    4. OEM Battery = 25.4 lbs
    5. OEM Rims/Tires = 42.2lbs
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  3. raamaudio

    raamaudio Active Member

    Sounds great, I love taking weight out of cars, frees up everything to work better!

    One note though, calculate the wire gauge needed and weight to move the battery to the rear, you might want to put that Li battery up front.
    I have been contemplating this very issue and have a small amp for the sub I need to put in and may keep if forward as well so save the wire weight as bigger gauges are heavy!

    My car is also a demo vehicle, why it gets an amp and sub but I will make them very very low in weight.

    I saw the battery you listed on Amazon for a great price.

  4. joe@2j-racing

    joe@2j-racing Active Member

    AS mentioned in the OP, here is what we did today in preparation for the track this weekend. The car will be corner balanced with me in the seat tomorrow. Considering we only removed just basic interior pieces (took about 1 hour to swap them all out) its a pretty substantial weight diff. The final weight includes the OMP Seat, brackets and slider, along with the Lith Battery, cables and wire and swap to OZs with Hoosiers.

    Power to weight is somewhere around 10.3-1

    STARTING WEIGHT = 2710lbs FINAL WEIGHT (3/4 Full Fuel) = 2473lbs

    Remove both Recaros, Replace with single OMP WRC with 425 Motorsports Bracket
    Remove OEM Battery, move to spare tire location, replace with Battery Tender Lith Ion 480CCA (3.75lbs)
    Remove Rear Seat, both pieces
    Remove Spare Tire, Jack and acces
    Remove trunk floor and flip panel
    Replace Assettos with 17 OZ Ultraleggera and 205/40/17 Hoosier R6s (total weight) 33.1 lbs

    WP_20140409_15_14_52_Pro.jpg WP_20140409_17_06_04_Pro.jpg WP_20140409_17_59_18_Pro.jpg WP_20140409_17_05_54_Pro.jpg
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  5. ghostwhite

    ghostwhite Active Member

    Removed my rear seats today. With the windows up, there's so much spool sound on light throttle it sounds awesome. Acceleration feels a little stronger thanks to the 111lb weight saving
  6. Deanh

    Deanh Member

    Joe, confused about OEM wheel weight...are you saving the 42.2 lbs by removing them?....hell, if For d has devised a sub 11 pound stock wheel and Tire , OZ would be out of much does a stock wheel and tire actually weigh?....
  7. ST-in-Mich

    ST-in-Mich Member

    Forgive me if Im wrong, but i assume he saved 42.2 lbs by removing stock and replacing them with something else. So a savings of 10.5lbs per corner.
  8. Deanh

    Deanh Member

    which isnt anything to sneeze at, especially being unsprung weight....would love to knowfactory weights vs area most manufacturers never seem to adress is wheel weigt....
  9. ST-in-Mich

    ST-in-Mich Member

    Factory is: 19lbs Tire and 22.5lbs Wheel.
  10. raamaudio

    raamaudio Active Member

    Great weight reduction, you got me considering selling my Recaro seats and putting in fixed back seats, I have had them in street cars before, the right ones, tuned to your body, can be very comfy actually:)


    When considering weight removal unsprung weight being highly critical there is also rotational mass which hurts performance a great deal as well so the result of saving that much weight on wheels and tires is the best overall real performance mod you can do and very low cost for the gain in acceleration, braking, grip in corners as the suspension works so much better and less wear on everything,

    Weight up high is also a great place to take weight out but hard to do usually. I opted for a sunroof because we need the air flow for our big dogs who get 80% of the back of the car, 20% is for hauling groceries, site seeing gear, etc.....back seat removed to make this happen....I have spend a great deal of effort and money to remove sunroofs but that was before we had the dogs or a pure track car build they would never be in.

    Move the battery to the rear, not that costly or hard to do.

    Spare tire delete, carry a small compressor and plugs as most modern tire issues are punctures, I have done this for many years with one two puntures I fixed in not much more time than changing a tire.
  11. onederer

    onederer Member

    What (if anything) are you doing to prevent airbag warning lights when switching out the seats?

    I have been looking at various Recaro or Sparco seats. I'm just clueless about how to prevent the warning light.
    Thanks for any help that you can provide!
  12. raamaudio

    raamaudio Active Member

    I turned down sponsorship from Sparco once because I could not get comfortable in the seats. For street I love Recaro, for track I love Racetech.
    I have used RT1000 seats on the street, very comfy but cannot move around much so for long drives not so great. They have most comfortable version of the 4009 I am interested in, I had a pair of 4009 head restraint seats for my last race car, incredible seats.

    The Recaro streetable fixed back seat has my interest right now, looking for a killer deal or some used ones, trashed upholstery would be cool then recover them to match the car better, etc...many seats have fabric that everything imbeds itself into and very hard to keep clean.
  13. raamaudio

    raamaudio Active Member

    Lights can usually be taken care of with just the proper rated resistor across the terminals.
  14. onederer

    onederer Member


    I just thought about the fact that , them seats that Joe removed might need a new home. *wink,wink, nudge,nudge* They for sale?
  15. raamaudio

    raamaudio Active Member

    I am considering selling my gray Recaro seats, front and rear, and putting in some fixed back seats but I would want a really good price for them.....
  16. onederer

    onederer Member

    I suppose that a really good price and a really bad price are in the eye of the beer holder.
    Send me a PM with your price. Joe too.
    I've got some dough; consider myself to be a pretty fair individual and like not sliding around my seats.
  17. raamaudio

    raamaudio Active Member

    $2k option with a bit of fluff thrown in, the seats are the real reason and a very good deal for such nice seats but also give up the stock seats so they real cost the price of the stock seats and the Recaro seats. To buy such Recaros and matching rears seats in the aftermarket would be very expensive indeed, $3-4K or more quite possibly!

    Sending a PM but to be clear I am still considering doing this, many reasons why.....

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