Ordered a 2015 FiST Today- Questions

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Sales and Service' started by Whosjonny, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. Whosjonny

    Whosjonny New Member

    After spending the last decade or so worshipping GTI's, I have joined the FiST movement. It just seems to get the closest to the spirit of the old GTI's that I love, hopefully with a lot less mechanical issues. My price the dealer and I agreed on was $22114 before TTL....so about 23600 OTD in San Antonio, TX I think (technically subject to changes as the current incentive of $1000 cash back expires end of March). The options are Molten Orange, Orange Leather Recaros, and Painted Wheels/Calipers. Fully refundable deposit of $500 placed as well. Opted out of dealer extras. So some questions while I wait an estimated 6-8 weeks to get this car:

    1) How did I do on price? I used truecar and also had them match a neighboring dealership's MSRP discount. College Student savings is also factored in.

    2) Has anyone used the IUPA discount? Membership is $60/year...not sure of success rates for people who have joined just for the discount- the salesman said it isn't stackable with the College discount? But I'm fairly sure it is. Also I'm still trying to get that $500 private cash certificate in time for the sale. Any tips or are those more of a Fall thing?

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  3. Cligedy

    Cligedy Active Member

    I bought mine when they were still scarce and didn't get much of a deal, so I can't comment on price. I am curious about your experience with the GTI though. I really like them, but I just can't shake the impression that they start to fall apart at about 50k miles. Are they getting better? Worse?

    Either way, welcome to the FiST community, you'll have a blast with the car.
  4. Zormecteon

    Zormecteon Active Member

    Foreign car parts are a killer. Price some common parts for both cars. I had an '80 VW convertible (before they started calling them Cabrioltes). My last foreign car. Lately, Ford is nailing it with their performance models.
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  5. Whosjonny

    Whosjonny New Member

    You guys pretty much nailed it. For a long time the GTI was the best street-legal go-kart and VW's are kind of a cult car company, so I loved em despite the maintenance/parts/pricing. Now, however, it's hard not to take notice that Ford is just doing it better. Fully defeatable traction control, lighter, more agile, rawer experience, individual options instead of packages, and brighter colors (Molten Orange!). Combine that with lower price and an American company....you get my point. Although I prefer the look of the GTI's, I also prefer the driving experience over looks. It also doesn't hurt that Ford isn't pandering to the DSG crowd yet with the FiST which IMO keeps it more of an enthusiast's car.

    ZREXER Member

    Hope that 6 to 8 week lead time happens for you, mine was 17 weeks....

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