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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Autocross' started by DLWilson, May 27, 2015.

  1. DLWilson

    DLWilson New Member

    So I have been enjoying my new FiST for the last two weeks. This morning I took an off ramp (aka jug handle) and wanted to feel the rear slippage everyone talks about but I felt planted the whole way through the turn. Didn't push nor wag its tail. Now, just to be clear it was a turn with nothing around, I really didn't try too hard and my inputs were smooth. I will be trying to get to an autox this summer to really get a feel for the car. So I guess my question is how easy and quick does the rear step out? I'm pretty sure I was esc off mode. Does it require a lot of throttle lift off?

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  3. Joe Schmoe

    Joe Schmoe Member

    I ran across a rare roundabout and tried to have a little fun. The car pushed way more than I expected on the way in going right, then the back end came around when it came time to go left. I made a complete mess of it but it ended in a little 4-wheel drift. In this case I'd say the car oversteered in a really weird situation but I've been driving RWD cars for a while now so it wasn't all that dramatic. Just unexpected.
  4. DLWilson

    DLWilson New Member

    I've felt a little push at times but I was trying to induce it. I used to have an MS3 and at times it would plow!

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  5. Zormecteon

    Zormecteon Active Member

    If you WANT it to happen, .. first be sure the esc is OFF, not sport mode, but OFF..... then use both feet. It's an old rally technique. Applying a little brake even as you gas around the corner had a gyroscopic effect on the wheels, (at least that's the explanation i read somewhere) and the car (any front wheel drive car) will have the rear end start to swing out. with practice you can adjust the angle of the car in the corner -tighten up the line with more brake, widen the line with less- and release completely as you come out of the corner to swing to the outside edge of the pavement.

    I asked about this at the octane academy and they looked at me like i was nuts, being too you to have heard of the rally racer CARLSON who invented it with SAAB car back when.
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  6. Dyn085

    Dyn085 Active Member

    It's weight transfer, and why we get lift-off oversteer as well. If you accelerate through the corner, the weight wants to settle towards the rear and help keep the tires planted. By touching the brake or lifting-off of the throttle, that weight then moves forward, alluring the rear end to slip.
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  7. Slowclimb

    Slowclimb Active Member

    Car pushes before it does anything else in most cases.
  8. BostonDriver

    BostonDriver Member

    I feel the car has a tendency to rotate more with the ESC full on and less in sport mode or full off. The only time I've had the car push at all is when applying to much throttle while turning, which is less plowing and more just overpowering the wheels trying to turn you... Under hard braking at high speed the rear gets a little happy sometimes, but lift oversteer can very easily be induced when pushing it by just going to neutral throttle. If you're really going hard I would not recommend lifting your foot full off the throttle trying to make the rear come out. Changing lines mid corner is very easy in this car once you get used to the quick steering and lift oversteer. Super fun car for tight twisty roads!
  9. LizzardMax

    LizzardMax New Member

    "Changing lines mid corner is very easy in this car once you get used to the quick steering and lift oversteer" -BostonDriver
    This ^^^ you can almost "steer" the car with the throttle.

    The easiest way to learn the lift oversteer is to find a very tight 90 degree corner, not a sweeper like a clover leaf interchange. Quick tight corner, LOW speed 40mph or less will get you there. Accelerate towards the corner to reach the appropriate speed for it (or gently brake on your way in on the straight) enter the corner 0% brake 0% throttle and just snap the steering wheel in one precise movement to steer through the corner. You will get a bit of slide easily with full ESC ON. This is NOT the time to counter steer or correct with steering, just point the tires through the corner Get back on the throttle to straighten her out.

    This is not a RWD no amount of pushing it through a corner will make your rear kick out, in the same vein counter steering like a RWD drift will unsettle the car and get you into trouble quick (your rear will all of the sudden find traction, with your front tires pointed the wrong way). let off the gas chuck it get back on the gas to straighten out. Steer the front wheels through the corner.

    Lift off over steer is just that. You lift off the throttle to initiate the oversteer. It is a way of tightening your line. It is easy on a quick 90 because you are essentially just quickly tightening your straight line around a 90 degree angle. Lift overseer is hard/not-as-usable on a long sweeper because you typically don't need to tighten your line all-of-a-sudden, you have a nice long curve and a long even line. Lift oversteer could be useful on a tightening corner right at the last bit where the radius decreases and you need to "cut" in.

    For the love of all safety do this on a track, or in some sort of controlled environment, rural and scoped out, or cones in a lot or otherwise, freeways are a bad idea. Find a corner that is so tight it is slow (35-40mph), and keep that ESC on full!

    It is easy once you feel it a few times and is only needed in tightening situations.
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  10. BlackBird

    BlackBird Active Member Staff Member

    You need to kind of manhandle it honestly. Throw it in there with ESC off going maybe 5mph faster than you think you should be going, lift hard, tap the brakes, and turn the wheel into the slide. It's pretty much a 4-wheel braking drift.
  11. DLWilson

    DLWilson New Member

    Great info!...Appreciate the feedback! I will keep the joining to appropriate areas. Just trying to get my mind around what to possibly expect before I get a feel for it :)


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