Performance Acronyms/Abbreviations (For Noobs like me :))

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    ABE - Axle Back Exhaust (basically the muffler)
    AFR- Air Fuel Ratio
    BCS- Boost control solenoid
    BOV - Blow off valve
    BPV - another term you'll sometimes see referring to the recirculating BOV (bypass valve, backpressure valve, essentially the same deal different acronym)
    BPU - Basic performance upgrades
    CAI - Cold Air Intake
    CBE - Catback exhaust(the muffler, and midpipe, sometimes included the 2nd cat delete aka test pipe)
    CEL- Check Engine Light
    CHMSL - Center High Mounted Stop Light
    CMD - Combustion Management Device (piggy back tuning device)
    CVVT - Continuous Variable Valve Timing (Mechanical parts in the engine that happen to change events/timing, nothing to do with spark/ignition timing)
    DC - Duty Cycle
    DP - Downpipe (sometimes includes 02 housing pipe or test pipe)
    DTC - Diagnostic Trouble Code
    EBC - Electronic Boost Controller
    ECG - Engine Coolant Temp
    ECU - Engine Control Unit (The factory Engine Computer)
    EGT - Exhaust Gas Temp
    EWG - External Wastegate
    FIC - Fuel/Ignition Controller
    FMIC - front mount intercooler
    FPR - Fuel Pressure Regulator
    IAT - Intake Air Temp
    IC - Intercooler
    I/H/E - Intake, Headers, Exhaust
    IIRC - If I remember correctly
    IWG - Internal Wastegate
    LCA - Lower control arm
    MAF - Mass Air Flow (you might here it in the 3.8 section as the 2.0T doesn't have one)
    MAP - Manifold Absolute Pressure
    MAP - Manifold Absolute Pressure [Sensor]
    MBC - Manual Boost Controller
    MBC- Manual Boost Controller
    MCC - Master Control Center (Dynojet tuning software)
    NSPP- Next Stage Power Pro (piggy back tuning device)
    NSFW - Not safe for work
    OBD - On board Diagnostics
    PA - Power Axel (ECU tuning vendor)
    RCV - romote control valve or recirculating valve
    RSB - rear sway bar
    SRI - Short Ram Intake
    TB - Throttle Body
    TBE - Turbo-Back Exhaust (muffler, midpipe, downpipe, sometimes includes 02 housing pipe aka WCC delete)
    TIP - Throttle Inlet Pressure [Sensor]
    TPMS - Tire Presure Monitoring System
    TPS - Throttle Position Sensor
    TSB - Technical Service Bulletin
    VC - Valve Cover
    WB2 - Wideband 2 [Product from Dynojet, sensor that reads/reports your AFR]
    WCC - Warm up catalytic converter (aka primary cat)
    WGA - Wastegate Actuator
    WOT - Wide Open Throttle
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    You forgot CHMSL - Center High Mounted Stop Light.:eek::rolleyes:
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    OMG! WTF?!

    (Sorry... somebody had to!) ;)
    Seriously, great list!
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