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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Sales and Service' started by J-Trix, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. J-Trix

    J-Trix New Member

    Hi all,

    Expert car buyers, I wanted your opinion on a sale negotiation.

    I negotiated down to a certain price for a 2014 Ford Fiesta ST to order Saturday. Today my salesman called me to let me know that he got notice that 2014s are no longer for sale and that I would have to order a 2015 with a wait time of approximately 16 weeks(yup not a typo, go 'head and chuckle). Saw my priority setting was at 19. I go into the dealership after work and find out that the negotiated price from Saturday, the salesman conveniently forgot my $500 ford private cash after I dropped that bomb on him. After a reminder he said ok. Now my end sale price would be 2X,XXX - qualifying rebates at time of delivery and - ford private cash considering my private cash has not expired during delivery. I'm sure that is ok but I have read elsewhere that other ford dealerships are able to lock down the point of sale price including current rebates and non expired ford cash at the time. He is saying that isn't possible. Now this really bothers me. When you consider there is a strong chance that if I'm getting one of the first 2015 models, at the time of delivery, there is a strong chance that if there are any rebates at all, it will be to move old 2014 stock and not include new 2015 inventory. I was uncomfortable with this($1000 floating in the air) and he wanted me to sign right then so I made the decision to leave.

    What are your thoughts and opinions? Has anyone here had success locking down rebates/ford private cash during point of sale?

    Thanks for your time.
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  3. limbo

    limbo Active Member

    I'd try another dealership if there's one around. He may be selling you a line to try to get you to pre order the 2015.

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  4. reddog99

    reddog99 Active Member

    Every time I've been into a dealer to buy something specific, and the dealer didn't have it (an ST, for example), the salesman would immediately check if any other dealers within 200 miles had what I wanted. They did this when I bought my ST, and the last pickup I bought got 125 miles put on it as it was driven from a dealer in the L.A. area down to San Diego to my dealer.

    What I'm getting at is, if your salesman has been lazy (not unusual) and not checked nearby dealerships for an ST, then it's up to you to do it via the internet and phone calls. Find another salesman or dealer if you have to. As far as rebates or private cash go, I wouldn't count on them being valid months into the future. It's time to read the fine print.
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  5. J-Trix

    J-Trix New Member

    Thanks for your reply reddog99 and limbo.

    The dealership did try to locate a Fiesta ST for me but it is 500 miles away. He said he would be willing to drive it here but I'm really anal about my cars and would prefer only I drive it especially during break in period. If my first Ford is going to have problems, I want to know without a doubt it was due to either build quality or my ownership. I got him to let his guard down and he told me how he loves to "test" the new cars out. It also had too many options for me.

    I have read the fine print on the incentives saying they are only valid at delivery but I have heard on another forum someone bought a Focus ST on order and the dealer agreed to lock the incentive price unless a better one was available during delivery. This was done without "Ford's Incentive Protection Program." After researching more, I have heard other dealerships honoring the Incentive Protection Program in 2014.

    I guess I have made my decision to acquire my car at another dealership. I was just upset with my visit today and didn't know if I was out of line or thinking the way I did but after some research, I suppose I wasn't too much. I will keep you guys updated if you are interested.
  6. Gpfarrell

    Gpfarrell Member

    Where do you live? Alaska? 500 miles and no cars?

    I bet your car is in somebody's inventory. You might need to flexible to make it work... Color, options, delivery driver, etc. I got mine in a week. Local dealership couldn't help, they have very low allocations of ST's. Find a dealer that has a car you'll like and you'll be driving instead of dreaming.
  7. Sil3nt611

    Sil3nt611 Active Member

    I'm just going by your info on the site where you location says Bucks County, from there I came up with a county just outside of Philly.

    Several I found in minutes of searching the dealerships in the general area and it's not 500 miles away... Not sure if you're looking for anything specific, but these are out there. If I'm way off on the location...well I tried anyway.

    This dealer has 4...

    And you can go on and on from there with all the cars within a 500 mile radius of your area. There's more dealers within just a 50 mile radius that I didn't even get to. There's gotta be something closer than 500 miles that somewhat matches what you want even if you're not in Bucks County, PA.
  8. Smokin

    Smokin Active Member

    Yeah! Really! Call, drive there, fly there and buy it. You don't owe that dealership anything...
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  9. This dealer has no idea of what incentives will be available when the car arrives at the dealer after ordering. Especially being a new model year. Nor will he "honor" the $500 private cash, which is sure to expire before the car is delivered. I've heard people say their dealers "honored it", but I call hogwash. Maybe once in a blue moon. Surely not common. Both are for when you take dealer stock. So him trying to hold onto an old incentive is not going to happen. The Fiesta $1000 rebate/$500 financing through Ford will probably stick with the 2015 model. It's not a huge incentive. SoCal is $1500/$500. The $500 private cash should not be a worry. If/once you order, try getting a deliver date. About 2-3 weeks before, or even a month before, start ordering brochures via email and regular mail. Don't do the Fiesta, do the vans and trucks etc. Heck do all of the cars. At some point one or more will have the private cash you want. When I bought my 1.0 I had 3 different coupons left over when I bought the car using this same method.

    I don't think the dealer is screwing with you. I ran into this very same thing when I tried ordering. Finally found one 600 miles away. Yikes!
    PS. I don't think 16 weeks is out of line either as don't they shut down some plants in between model years, which always creates a delay for the new/next year cars? This seems normal as well from what I have read.

  10. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    I had them honor my private cash on my 2011 mustang but they did not on my Fiesta ST . Maybe because order to delivery on the mustang was 8 wks my ST took 6.5 months lol
  11. jimclark

    jimclark Active Member

    I'd walk. Ride a bike. Hitch. Take a bus. Whatever. To another dealer--and try to find one who has what you're looking for, then get there (through whatever means), buy it, and drive it home.

    And when it comes to negotiations, I'm quick to remind salespeople and sales managers and general managers and whoever else thinks that some line about how "corporate" or "Ford" or "the Boogey Man", or whomever "won't let us go any lower", or "require X for Y" that all things are negotiable, and I just tell 'em I have a price I will not exceed (which is absolute truth, btw--I determine a number beforehand beyond which I will not go), and they can either meet me there or I'll go elsewhere.

    The last few times I've bought a car, I think the sales folks were a little dumbstruck by the whole thing, as by the end of it, they were doing what I'd asked, or we weren't doing the deal. And since I knew, from prior research, that my offer/price was reasonable, I was comfortable in not budging.

    So, in a nutshell, my advice: Find a reasonable price you're willing to pay, and be a rock. Or not. Your call.
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  12. StokeSmack

    StokeSmack New Member

    Ford of Souderton had a really good deal on a base ST (I think it was about $20.5K on the road), I almost drove the 800 miles to pick it up but lucked out and found something much closer using their quote as leverage.
  13. StokeSmack

    StokeSmack New Member

    Oh, and if the $500 ford credit is available, use it and then refinance w/your friendly credit union. Mine even gave me a $100 gift card for the refi at 3 percentage points lower.

    one more thing - if you refinance a couple of weeks before your first payment is due w/ford credit, you will have another month of driving w/no payments. To get a payoff letter, register at the Ford Credit site, then IM a rep and request the payoff letter. It will be posted as a .pdf on the site w/in a day or two.
  14. FiSTpump

    FiSTpump New Member

    Navy Federal Credit Union offers an auto refi program with rates of 1.99% and pays you $250 when your loan is 60 days old. I've leverage the FMCC $500 incentive and refinanced three vehicles with Navy this way.

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  15. Redlinez

    Redlinez Member

    Keep in mind the prices dealers quote on Autotrader usually include all the rebates that no one actually could qualify for (check them out on Edmunds). I priced a 0 option ST at $21,734- invoice, less the $500 rebate and 0% for 60 mos. Sticker was $22,225. There's next to no mark up in these cars.

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