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Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Sales and Service' started by Removed, Sep 24, 2013.

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    Did you receive the "private cash" after you negotiated the price when ordering? If so, curious if they will honor it. I would hope they would. Let us know.
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  3. Hate to bump an older thread, but didn't want to start a new one. Anyone receive the latest brochure with a $1000 incentive? It's not called private cash on this one. But I can't tell if it's like private cash where it's $500 off your best deal or the $1000 like everyone else gets. I left it at home so don't have the fine print in front of me. It does list your name and address and also says "special offer", so maybe it is an additional $1000 off. Would be sweet to combine with current Black Friday deal if possible.
  4. RavynX

    RavynX Member

    The first round of brochures that I got the week after I purchased the car didn't have the private cash offer. I ordered another set and got them last week (1 month after my purchase) and I took them in to my sales guy today. He tried getting the $500 Private Cash offer pushed through but it got denied stating, "Order delivery date not within certificate delivery range." This message still happened even with the timeframe being mid-January through mid-March and my purchase date was Feb 10th. Booo...
  5. FiSTpump

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    I suggest you include your email to Ford when requesting brochures. I got $500 in private cash by email after requesting 5 days ago.

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