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    Several years ago when the Kansas City Chiefs got a new and unpopular management (that didn't win many games) the Kansas City Region SCCA was booted from the Arrowhead parking lot for Ax events. Now we have a successful and well liked Chief's management but can't seem to make inroads into autocrossing there again.

    So this is what I am asking and what I plan to do. I would like to know the names and contact information for all the regions Solo Boards that compete at stadium parking lots like Qualcomm, Meadowlands, Milwaukee, and all clubs that use stadium lots. I want to contact them and get two things....a letter of recommendation and the contact information for the stadium lot managers.

    With this all I will ask in my contact to them is to provide a recommendation and their experience (hopefully all good) with the clubs. We can then take these letters and comments to the Arrowhead lot managers and make an appeal to allow us to run there once again.

    If you know someone or have access please post here and I will follow up.


    PS: I am posting this in the autocross thread too so you can reply either way and I will follow up.
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