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Discussion in 'FSWERKS' started by mcummings182, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    never notice the clutch pedal return issue but the question I have to ask was this done with ESC, ON or in Sport or OFF ?
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  3. fifoci

    fifoci New Member

    I pressed the button once, so Off?
  4. Firesail

    Firesail Active Member

    That's Sport mode.
  5. fifoci

    fifoci New Member

    Sport mode is one press?
    It did it in every gear and any speed, I dont think it was TC related, But it could be. IDK. I should get my car Next week so il do some more experimenting and maybe make a video.
  6. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    You need to press and hold the ESC button till you see the msg on the MFT screen with the lil bar that goes across the screen as the button is held and says something like ESC OFF mind you torque vectoring will remain on no matter what . But the car is different with it off. Yes be great to see a vid on what you are seeing exactly :) look forward to it
  7. reddog99

    reddog99 Active Member

    Well, I'm not a happy camper today. After installing the quick-shift, I only did a short test drive. But when I drove to work today, I found that the tranny won't go into sixth gear unless I perform a really vigorous shift. If I just shift normally, the tranny doesn't go all the way into gear and grinds. When it grinds, it still won't go into sixth even if I apply extra force. I haven't had a chance to experiment too much yet, but so far, I've had to drop to forth gear, then shift hard into fifth, then hard into sixth to get it to go into gear.

    Now I'm worried that even when it goes into sixth, that it may not be fully engaged. I sure don't want to blow the transmission just to have a "quick shift". I'm certainly not looking forward to re-installing the stock shift stuff, but that's what it looks like right now. :mad:
  8. D1JL

    D1JL Well-Known Member

    I am sorry to hear that you are having any issues at all reddog99.
    I have been using mine for the last two months and pleased every minute.

    Yes, the install was a little tight.
    Just wait until you get into replacing coolant hoses.

  9. Sekred

    Sekred Active Member

    I would be contacting Mountune directly. Perhaps there is a adjustment to the shift cable that may solve the problem.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2013
  10. reddog99

    reddog99 Active Member

    I've been in contact with Mountune and they replied that they are designing a revised part because of the problem (apparently, I'm not the only person with complaints).

    FWIW, my advice to anyone contemplating buying the quick-shift kit is to wait at least a couple weeks for the new version to be released (I'll let you know when I get mine), and then specifically ask if the unit you're buying is the new version, not the old one. Believe me, this installation isn't something you want to do more than once unnecessarily.

    Furthermore, if you have already installed the kit and if it feels as if it might not be going all the way into sixth, then I would advise you to not drive hard in sixth gear, and to contact Mountune for a replacement.
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  11. Sekred

    Sekred Active Member

    Its interesting that you mention what Mountune said about your shift problem and the fact there are others having the same issue, because when I change from 5th to 6th in my vehicle the action feels short like the syncro has not fully engaged. Although it has not popped out of 6th or crunched gears, I think I will be contacting Mountune because I am now concerned about the long term reliability if 6th gear is not fully engaged.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2013
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  12. reddog99

    reddog99 Active Member

    I know what you mean. It's as if there's a hard gate that the shift lever is following and the lever hits the end of travel before the transmission is all the way in gear. It can't be good for the tranny.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2013
  13. CarefreeAZ

    CarefreeAZ Active Member

    I've had the same smooth experience as you Dave (knock on wood). Shifting is really smooth and the 5-6/6-5 shifts are much easier with the shorter reach. If I feel any notchy-ness at all, it's putting it into first gear and that feeling is as infrequent as it is minimal.
  14. Sekred

    Sekred Active Member

    I decided to do a bit of investigation and try and find out what causing the problem when I change into 6th gear. I removed the air filter housing and intake tube to gain access to the linkage.
    It didn't take long to find out what is causing the problem.
    There are 2 linkages for the shift mechanism, One linkage where the Mountune short shift bolts to, and the second linkage that changes what I will call the gate, meaning 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 . When shifting into 6th gear the two linages bind because they now sit closer to each other, see image.

    Short shift 3.jpg
    Transmission in 6th gear. Part marked with red is the second linkage.

    Rather stuff around waiting for a updated part, I simply relieved the binding using a rotary grinder to remove some material where the cable end fits to the Mountune short shift, see image

    Short shift mod 2.jpg

    This has solved the problem with 6th gear engagement.
    Anyone having the same trouble trying to select 6th gear, I suggest you look at the linkage .
    If you want to do the same mod, do at your own risk. Any groove cut in the cable end should be circular in shape. Avoid creating shape corners which can cause Stress Raisers to develope.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2013
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  15. reddog99

    reddog99 Active Member

    Excellent observation Sekred! I wonder what Mountune intends to do to relieve this condition?
    I'm tempted to try the modification myself, but I have another vehicle I can use while I wait.
  16. wash

    wash Active Member

    I'm curious about Mountune's fix also.

    Despite the radiused cut you made, you eliminated a stiffening rib from that plastic piece which is going to weaken it.

    It doesn't look like there is much else you could do short of making a new piece.

    As much as I want a short shift upgrade, I think I'm going to wait until this issue gets sorted out.
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  17. Sekred

    Sekred Active Member

    There is no doubt that removing material has weaken the cable end, how much and is it enough to cause it to break in the future?, well I am not a mechanical engineer so I can not tell you which is the reason why I said '"preform at your own risk".
    I looked at the cable end and made the following observations.
    The size of the cable end is more to do with using a spherical bearing rather than the need for strength.
    The actual effort to more the shift linage by hand is very low.
    I change gears like grandma
    The cable end is made from some type of nylon material and so is the spherical bearing meaning the load on that part is low.
    The load when changing gears is inline with the cable, not where I have cut the groove.

    As far as Mountune fixing the problem, the only way I could see is to change the position of the ball stud and increase the clearance between the two linkages. This would also change the leverage ration and reduce the short shift action.
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  18. wash

    wash Active Member

    Nylon does not always mean there is no load.

    It could have been used for cost or friction reduction.

    An aluminum replacement cable end that is properly designed for the load would be one way to fix it.

    Any way, I want to see what they do.
  19. Sekred

    Sekred Active Member

    If it breaks I let you know wash, but I'll pm you, I don't want you looking to good now. ;)
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  20. takuarc

    takuarc Member

    Now you guys got me to reconsider this mod...

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  21. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

    Ha Ha Good one ;) lol
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