Rado Grey Wheels Excellent Condition No TPMS

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Parts for Sale' started by Methane Herder, Mar 5, 2015.

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    Southern Indiana area, $300.00 you pay shipping. Or, trade for Koni
    8741 1565LSPOR (1) ea. New.
    8741 1565RSPOR (1) ea. New.
    and we can negotiate a shipping. Open to other variation on this theme.

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  3. Waskelyrabbit

    Waskelyrabbit New Member

  4. jimlau

    jimlau Member

    Are these still for sale?
  5. OrangeFist

    OrangeFist Member

    Hi. I know I'm chiming in late on these but are they still for sale? Im really interested. I'm in Northern California. Thanks. Sent you a PM as well.
  6. Yes, they are still available.
    Let me see what the local UPS store estimates the packing & shipping will be. I'll need your zip &I may need your address to get a firm quote. I'll see if they can make do with just the zip code first.
  7. OrangeFist

    OrangeFist Member

    I just bought a set last night so no need to see about UPS Store. Thanks for your time and Seasons Greetings.
    Sincerely Kevin
  8. bogitiman

    bogitiman New Member

    I'm very interested in these, are they still available? If so would be shipping to New Mexico 87144
  9. mark289

    mark289 New Member

    Interested if available, shipping to south Florida.
  10. Mike V

    Mike V New Member

    Pm sent
  11. Slowclimb

    Slowclimb Active Member

    Let me know if you still have these please.

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