Rates for Leasing a FiST

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Sales and Service' started by Nisten, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. Nisten

    Nisten New Member

    Has anyone here leased a FiST? I am about to sign onto a 2-year lease and was wondering what some of you guys might be paying monthly and down payment-wise. Also, I am fully aware of the pros/cons to leasing vs. purchasing, so please don't try to convince me otherwise! Thanks guys [​IMG]
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  3. Gpfarrell

    Gpfarrell Member

    Ahem... First post.

    Anyhow, I just did this. My numbers include 10% lease tax for Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

    Loaded car, $500 private cash from a mailed brochure... $3800 down, $200.00 month for 24 months, 10,500 miles per year.

    It seems to be more expensive to lease them for 36 months. Go figure.

    I'm going to have lots of fun for very little commitment.
  4. Firesail

    Firesail Active Member

    Welcome to both of you. Enjoy them while you have them!:)
  5. MLKN

    MLKN Active Member

    The money factor is less for the 24 month lease. You should have also gotten 750 in incentives from Ford.
  6. RodMoe

    RodMoe Well-Known Member

  7. Nisten

    Nisten New Member

    Thanks for your response man. That's throwing me off because the numbers they gave me (on a loaded car as well) here in Southern California were $299/mo for 3k down, $277/mo for 3.5k down, and $255/mo for 4k down. Mind you, I have very good credit so I wonder why the numbers are so much higher? This is also for 24 months, 10,500 miles per year.

    Did you have to go back and forth quite a bit to get those numbers?
  8. Gpfarrell

    Gpfarrell Member

    I didn't have to go back and forth at all.

    The car was in a small town in central PA, 250 miles from me.

    I don't think many folks there were looking for a $26k Fiesta!

    They had it heavily discounted and delivered it for free.

    I got the $750 mentioned above plus more. I'll have to check to be specific though.
  9. Gpfarrell

    Gpfarrell Member

    Fly2low... no offense, but I'm just seeing blah-blah-blah!

    I've never leased a car before in my life. But this isn't a car. It's a toy!

    $3800 down, $200/month... lots of fun. Seems like a great deal to me!

    Everything is relative I suppose... hope you're enjoying whatever you have as much as I'm enjoying mine.
  10. fly2low

    fly2low Member

    None taken. Just tried to help OP with his rate requests. Pardon my senility that added to the blah blah in the process. My faculties havent been at best lately. There, all deleted.
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2014
  11. djdennehy

    djdennehy Active Member

    Why the use of a lease and not a loan? I was fortunate enough to be able to pay a large amount of the car upfront and had a very reasonable interest rate on a loan, the lease was actually much more expensive if I went with their generic lease agreement. Plus, you make all of those payments without every building any equity, just doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense...my biggest sticking point, you can't modify the car at all either...
  12. Gpfarrell

    Gpfarrell Member

    Okay, I really liked the idea of getting an ST. I absolutely didn't need another car. I'm lucky... I have a bunch of cars now. Until the ST my daily driver was an Ecoboost Lincoln MKS with a mild attitude adjustment... it ran a 12.97 at 105 mph on a cool night. It's an awesome car, has a nice appearance for my profession and easily carts my 3 kids around. But it's boring. It fits me well and there's no way the ST could replace the MKS in my world. So I still have the MKS. At the ripe old age of 43 building equity in an economy car won't make much difference in my world. At 23, different story! So for me the lease was an anti- equity play... I didn't need to commit any of my equity to a car!

    As for mods... I've got modded cars and love them, but this one feels good stock. I might get a tune. The money would be spent but I don't think Ford would know as long as I put it back to stock.

    Like I said, it's all relative!
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  13. djdennehy

    djdennehy Active Member

    Well when you put it that way...
  14. Gpfarrell

    Gpfarrell Member

    Thanks DJ!
  15. Heronboy

    Heronboy New Member

    I posted this elsewhere but here is what I signed up for yesterday:

    $1500 down, 24 month lease, 15k/year, $303/month.

    Oh, and second post!
  16. capt4inslow

    capt4inslow New Member

    So with a little more down and a little less miles, we're looking at some crackin' rates!
  17. ST-in-Mich

    ST-in-Mich Member

    0 Down, 36 Months, 13k/year, TIre/Rims Ins, $240/Month
  18. TCross66

    TCross66 New Member

    Tuxedo Black with Recaros, nav and sunroof-

    $6,000 down, 36 months, 15,000 miles per year.

    $185 per month
  19. Kepz

    Kepz New Member

    How bad do credit rates affect your ability to lease?
  20. LT Berzerker

    LT Berzerker Active Member

    4600 down, 24 months, 15k per year, $210 a month

    Nav, sunroof, radio wheel pckg.

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  21. ST-in-Mich

    ST-in-Mich Member

    Very greatly, without a co-signer my rates would have been doubled.

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