Rear Caliper Guide Pins AY1Z-2C150-A

Discussion in 'Fiesta ST Maintenance' started by MexicanFiestaST, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. All,
    During my recent pad change, I noticed that one of the guide pins on one of my rear calipers was corroded. So went to the Tasca website and began looking. I couldn't find it, but the chat window popped up and I asked Joy. She found it, listed as CALIPER SUPPORT RETAINER KIT - FORD (AY1Z-2C150-A). If you type in this part number, you'll get a nice diagram showing bolts, boots and guide pins. Perfect! I ordered two sets, just in case the other pins corrode.

    When the parts came in, I was disappointed to find the contents of the package did not match the diagram. As you can see in the photo, there are no guide pins!

    Anyway, I called up Tasca today, and they say it's possible Ford mispackaged this part numbero_O. On top of that, they're on back order. The only other means to get these pins from Tasca is to order a caliper. Um, no thanks. They won't accept another order until they come off of back order(which is odd, since I when I ordered the pads, those were also on backorder, and Tasca accepted that order just fine).

    So, I'm stuck. :dead:. This sucks, because up until I got the parts, I was totally happy with the sleuthing/ordering experience. I don't suppose anyone else has had to replace these guide pins?

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  3. Steve@Tasca

    Steve@Tasca Fiesta ST Network Sponsor

    To be honest I think it's actually a catalog error, not a packaging error. I found a different number for the pin kit and Ford does have stock, 3-4 days out but they do have stock. P/N C1BZ-2B296-A.

    As you can see Ford shows the pin coming in the 2L257 and 2B296 kits, pretty sure they only come in the 2B296 kit.

  4. Steve,
    Thanks for digging into this. I think this time, I will call dealer to see if I can see the part for myself on Monday. I'm just a little nervous ordering again without seeing it. Unfortunately, there is no picture available on your website for C1BZ-2B296-A. What makes you think it only comes in the -2B296- kit and not the -2L527-?
  5. Steve@Tasca

    Steve@Tasca Fiesta ST Network Sponsor

    My 20+ years in Ford parts primarily. :)

    With that comes all sorts of useful knowledge such as the fact that the Fiesta ST calipers are virtually identical to the old Mk1 Focus rear calipers and that's how the caliper hardware broke down on them.


  6. Steve,
    You were correct. I went to the local dealership, ordered the C1BZ-2B296-A, and sure enough, the package contains the following:
    • 4 rear caliper guide pins
    • 4 bolts
    • 4 rubber boots
    I just put them on the car, along with new pads and rotors(last two were from Tasca). I used NAPA 765-1351 "Syl-Glyde"(their spelling, not mine) to lubricate the pins.

    BTW, noticed that just one pin on each side was badly corroded, and it's the pin closest to the ground. I suppose it's least shielded from road salt(MI). I have a feeling that during the next brake job, I will need the bracket(-2B582- in Steve's diagram above) that these guide pins fit into; the holes where the corroded pins belong are also slightly corroded. The pins on the top were less corroded, but not perfect, especially at the shoulder under the rubber boots.
  7. Steve@Tasca

    Steve@Tasca Fiesta ST Network Sponsor

    Glad it worked out, as for the pins corroding though I'd say to make sure there's plenty of grease on the pins as well as in the boots.

    The SVT Focus used that same design and if properly greased they don't seize, mine are now 13 years old and have 160k on them and the pins are perfect.

  8. baboyizm

    baboyizm New Member

    C1BZ-2B296-A should work for the front also right? Since part # AY1Z-2C150-A are listed for the front and rear.

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