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    DETROIT (AP) — The U.S. government's auto safety agency is reviewing a Ford Motor Co. recall of thousands of cars, SUVs and vans that can run low on coolant and potentially overheat and catch fire after the company proposed a remedy that doesn't fix the coolant problem.

    Ford notified the agency about the recall, which has caused 29 engine fires, in paperwork dated last week. The automaker said it would install a sensor that warns owners when coolant is low in the 1.6-Liter turbocharged engines. The sensor does not solve the underlying problem of vanishing coolant.

    Published Wednesday 4/5/17....
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  3. jmrtsus

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    Ford cannot determine where the coolant goes unless an owner takes it in. That is the purpose of the sensor, people are not checking the fluid levels. If you visit the NHTSA you will find 200 "investigations" on the Fiesta. Turns out any report starts an investigation with almost all dismissed as not reproducible. One call and you too can start an investigation. I read many and they were a joke. One had a stumble upon leaving a traffic light, the report said never happened again and they did not report it to Ford. But 4 months later file a complaint with NHTSA. As to the recall Ford has never said it is a head issue, always a coolant level problem. Anyone that knows engines will tell you when the coolant level in a car with aluminum head drops below the level of the head you can buy a new one. This happens only when in the ST the level is basically empty. If you don't check the fluids it is partially your fault. Too many people rely on a quickie oil change for their maintenance. Really? You go to a place based on how quick they can service your car, and you trust them to do it properly?
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    I can't tell you the last time I actually saw someone pop the hood when getting gas (other than me of course). Check the oil, look at the brake fluid and coolant resevoirs. For chrissake, you spent how much on a car and won't risk your fingers getting dirt on them? Oh that's right, it might smudge your iPhone when you resume texting in the lane next to me.

    (end of rant)
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    Just to note just because you get the regular maintenance preformed by your ford dealer dont expect them to top up your fluids!!! Im at 58,000km have the 100,000km service package every 10,000km and not once have they topped off my coolant which is under low everytime its gone in!! So always look yourself!

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